National Safw Work Month


About National Safe Work Month at Glad Group

October shines a light on National Safe Work Month (NSWM), promoted by Safe Work Australia. NSWM focuses on the benefits of a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. Being healthy and safe means being free from physical and psychological harm. No job should be unsafe, and no injury or death is acceptable.

Every industry and every individual has faced and is still facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An important priority at Glad Group is committing to continue to build a healthy and safe workplace for the Glad Family. We can do this by speak up about our safety concerns, supporting our teammates, and connecting with each other.

NSWM 2021

Safety is at the centre of everything we do

This October and beyond, we are asking our teams to make health and safety part of their workplace culture by thinking safe, working safe, and being safe. We all have a shared responsibility in looking out for each other and we can do this by:

  • Thinking safe – thinking about work health and safety practices as we go about our daily activities, taking a moment to identify any potential risks. It also means tuning into our mental health and not being afraid to start a conversation that begins with R U OK?
  • Working safe – implementing work health and safety measures and procedures to manage risks including the practical steps we take to reduce risk and avoid workplace incidents. Also, being mindful of how we feel so we can be at our happiest and healthiest.
  • Being safe – considering the ongoing process of managing and monitoring work health and safety risks. We encourage our employees to work with their managers and colleagues to come up with practical safety solutions to identified risks. Being safe also means that if you are experiencing a tough time, you can reach out for support, by speaking to your manager or make use of Glad Group’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

During the month of October, Glad Group teams will be involved in some great activities to get everyone thinking about safety in the workplace. We will be electing Safety and Wellbeing Champions to become the caretakers of safety and wellbeing at the sites we provide cleaning, security, maintenance, or concierge services. Contact us if you want to know more!

About National Safe Work Month at Glad Group

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