Mental Health month


Today is World Mental Health Day, and as it’s also Mental Health Month, we’re taking this opportunity at Glad Group to share some ideas for ways to reflect, have fun, and find connections through October.

Mental Health Month is an initiative of the Mental Health Foundation to advocate for and raise awareness of Australian mental health. It is an important time where the Australian community comes together to raise awareness and promote better mental health for all.

Mental Health Calendar

Coping with stress during these uncertain times

To help you take care of yourself and those around you, Mental Health Australia has produced calendars featuring ideas, activities, and different ways to connect. Here’s the link to access the ‘Workplace calendar’ full of great ideas to help cope with the stress of our daily lives.


Taking care of ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for managing our mental health. Lockdowns, social distancing requirements, travel restrictions, and the constantly changing position we find ourselves in are stressful. This makes prioritising our mental health and wellbeing more important than ever.

Good mental health is when we can cope with the stressors of our daily lives, participate in loving relationships, contribute to our community, and work towards our goals. Everyone has mental health. And we can all benefit from looking after our own mental health and the mental health of our communities.

This World Mental Health Day – October 10 – the message is simple: “Look after your mental health, Australia.”

Today is World Mental Health Day.

Making health and safety a priority

At Glad Group, we are asking everyone to make health and safety part of their workplace culture by thinking safe, working safe, and being safe. We all have a shared responsibility in looking out for each and we can do this by having conversations around understanding how we work, the hazards we face, and how we manage the risks associated with those hazards. Together, as one team, one community. We encourage everyone to start the conversation to build a safe and healthy workplace for everyone at Glad Group.

Contact us if you have any questions or need to have a chat.