PART 2 – Working as ‘One team, one community’ to achieve customer excellence

Glad Group’s ethos is built on its human values of trust, respect, integrity and innovation. The people we employ and the customers we work with align with these values. Above all, we work as ‘one team, one community’ to provide exceptional outcomes and customer service excellence every day.

‘One team, one community’ talks to each of us working together not just as a team, but as members of a broader workplace community. A community of customers, colleagues, property management, visitors and guests. By working as ‘one team, one community’ we are much more than the role we perform, we become something greater: custodians of customer care, security and well-being.

For Part 2 of this blog, we spoke to two of our security teams at shopping centres in New South Wales to find out what inspires them to do their best every day, what skills they believe are necessary to have ‘on the job’, and what customer service excellence they have received working as a team.

Shopping Centre, Liverpool

Andrew David, Site Manager

We are inspired by a dose of healthy competition, which really drives us as a team. We have an ongoing goal to be consistently recognised by Glad Group senior managers and our customers. They are the best at what they do.

My top picks for skills required would be communication, a positive attitude, trainability and adaptability. You really have to be prepared for anything when working in a retail environment, and willing to learn and adapt as the environment changes around you.

Customer Excellence

The team recently received an award from the Governor-General. Liverpool Police congratulated all of us ‘undoubtedly’ saving the lives of two women and arguably the life of the offender. The team really came together that day and were first on the scene. I can’t praise them enough for their performance.

Shopping Centre, Hurstville

Kurt Simon, Site Manager

We feel so inspired and rewarded when we are able to impact a customer’s day in a positive way. This could be by means of even the smallest gestures, which are often very meaningful. When we receive positive feedback from a customer, we ensure recognition is given. I believe inspiration begins with the team, this enables us to do our best every day. We have a close bond and because of this, we are able to communicate effectively and help each other. The team has a strong sense of respect and enjoy being around one another.

Among the many diverse skills required, I would have to say that the necessary skills are; customer service, communication skills, high attention to detail (administration and surveillance), teamwork, work ethic, professionalism, initiative and a level of leadership.

Customer Excellence

Some of the best feedback we have received from customers is the response and handling of a number of unfortunate events in our centre. On most occasions, the quick targeted response, along with the necessary skill set, has allowed us to prevent specific types of incidents from happening. To be able to prevent someone from harming themselves is significant for us, but even more so for that individual and their families.


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