Integrated Solutions

Through consolidation of our high-quality stand-alone services, we deliver a tailored, optimal service model that achieves a truly integrated service solution. Our integrated service solution delivers tangible savings, improved work efficiencies, enhanced productivity, and high standards of customer experience.

Glad Group has the capability to design fully integrated property service models, providing operational efficiencies to its customers.

Despite the increasing complexity of managing a building, we continue to see building owners using several different service providers across a number of service disciplines. This "many services, many providers" model comes at a cost. By consolidating services and delivering a tailored, optimal service model, we can help achieve our customers vision of truly integrated services. Our integrated solution generates workflow synergies that optimise delivery and allow us to create added value in other areas.

A truly integrated solution is a synergy between people, process and technology, encapsulating the ideology of "One Team, One Community". Engaged, informed and motivated people are crucial to ensuring effective processes, and solid processes in turn support the effectiveness of people right across the business. Both of these must be supported by effective systems and technology that make reporting, communication and real-time checking of service delivery easy and effective.

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