Integrated Solutions

Integrated property solutions (noun): “The capability to design fully integrated property service models, providing operational efficiencies to clients.”

Despite the increasing complexity of managing a building, we continue to see building owners using several different service providers across a number of service disciplines. This ‘many services, many providers’ model comes at a cost.

By consolidating services and delivering a tailored, optimal service model, we can help achieve our clients vision of truly integrated services that deliver tangible savings, improved work efficiencies and enhanced productivity. Integration is at the heart of facility management. Our integrated solution generates workflow synergies that optimise delivery and allow us to create added value in other areas

A truly integrated solution is a synergy between people, process and technology. Engaged, informed and motivated people are crucial to ensuring effective processes, and solid processes in turn support the effectiveness of people right across the business. Both of these must be supported by effective systems and technology that make reporting, communication and real-time checking of service delivery easy and effective.

It is not a question of working harder – it is about working smarter. There are many areas where services can be optimised and integrated with considerable efficiency gains.

Our Integrated Services

Glad Cleaning provides a range of quality cost effective services to major Australian and international companies across all sectors.


Glad Security works in partnership to provide tailored solutions ensuring minimum risk and maximum protection of assets.


Glad Maintenance provides quality maintenance services across Australia, from residential properties to commercial facilities.


Glad Concierge is a convenient and professional service that takes a fresh approach to the traditional role of a concierge.


Benefits of Integration

  • Site Ownership

    Seamless transition and improved service delivery by understanding the integral requirements of the site. Property goals are aligned with specific objectives for individual service area.

  • Efficiencies

    Employment of uniform technologies across the full range of services to minimise disruption and double handling providing a strategic advantage.

  • Knowledge and Expertise

    Staff engagement in all disciplines achieved through cross training and awareness of other disciplines and requirements, whilst providing staff a platform to offer feedback and encourage innovation in service delivery.

  • 24/7 National Communications Centre

    24/7 access to Glad’s National Communications Centre for the coordination of emergency and crisis response.

Whether you need a cleaning service and maintenance professionals at your beck and call, or security personnel and an efficient waste management system – or all of the above – we have solutions that we can tailor to meet your exact requirements.

We’d love to show you how we will do just that.