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Glad Group's guest services are a seamless extension of our customers' service vision and experience. We take a fresh approach to the traditional role of a concierge with our professional team.

Glad Group guest services are a universal solution to our customers' day-to-day needs, offering a dynamic and flexible approach to customer engagement.


Glad Group offers convenient and professional guest services that take a fresh approach to the traditional role of a concierge. We provide a service platform that presents a real point of difference within traditional commercial space, while going above and beyond what our customers expect. We deliver an adaptive and dynamic service platform designed to support tenant engagement and retention, making business for your clients much more convenient.


Customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do. Our concierge team members are provided with industry leading frontline customer service training to ensure we are consistently delivering excellence at every opportunity. Coupled with an understanding of the mechanics behind service integration, our teams are naturally incorporated into the daily operation of any commercial site.


A Virtual Concierge service can be supplied in addition to our Onsite Concierge options. Our Virtual Concierge service is a new, market leading digital solution that complements our existing offering. Glad Group’s online networking platform is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation so we can enhance your customer experience and provide an entire suite of concierge solutions. In a bid to remain customer-focused at all times, each individual request will be supported by the Glad National Communications Centre (NCC). We aim to give your customers access to convenient and time-saving services, whilst also making sure they are engaged in the amenities and facilities of any commercial property.


With the implementation of our virtual concierge services, Glad Group can offer multi-site coverage and create cost efficiencies without an impact on service delivery and customer experience. Our Concierge service offerings can easily be incorporated within our integrated service delivery solutions and provide additional support to our onsite teams delivering, cleaning, security or handymen services.

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