Do whatever possible to protect your business operations


Being safety-aware is crucial for any business owner, as dealing with a security breach can lead to all sorts of financial difficulties. As the saying goes, prevention is often better than a cure, so taking whatever steps you can to deter thieves is critical.

The good news is there are many different types of security services in Australia for you to invest in. Knowing what the risks facing your business are is the first step towards deciding which ones you should be taking out to protect your operations.


One of the most common types of crime to affect commercial property is break-ins – both actual and attempted. The latest available figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that in 2011, 63,467 non-residential burglaries were recorded by police. Of this total, 70 per cent were successful, showing there’s still a significant proportion who didn’t manage to enter the premises.


Time to increase security at your business2Deterrents such as security glazing and keeping valuable items out of sight can go some way towards rectifying the problem. There’s also the usefulness of intruder alarms to consider – these can put off thieves even before they try to enter a property, or alert neighbours there’s a job in progress.


Another issue that often affects Australian businesses is theft. This is a problem that not only affects consumer-facing operations, as it can also occur from within an organisation. ABS figures show theft was the most prevalent offence among young offenders in 2014-15, accounting for 29 per cent of all incidents within this particular demographic.
An effective way of dealing with the problem is to install CCTV cameras. Again, they can act as a preventative measure while also helping businesses to identify the perpetrators, making them a worthwhile investment.

Cyber crime

The more connected workplace has also opened up a new type of threat to Australian businesses – cybercrime. According to the CERT Australia ACSC 2015 Cyber Security Survey: Major Australian Businesses, half of companies have experienced at least one incident in the past year.

One of the most common types of attack uses ransomware – a type of software that will restrict activity on a certain computer or device. This can be particularly debilitating for a business, especially if any financial information is taken.


Terrorism is a major focus for the Australian government and law enforcement. The events at Sydney’s Martin Place in December 2014 led to a significant paradigm shift in how risk and security need to be managed and operated in Australia and the world. The event coupled with the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels have thrown a spotlight onto the importance of the training and education of risk and security teams, especially in the operations of public buildings, such as commercial buildings and retail centres. This is especially important in the capacity of identifying potential risk and awareness, emergency response capability, dry run training and enhanced customer engagement.

With Australia’s threat level as PROBABLE, it is crucial that Glad Group’s teams providing security services have the knowledge and capability  to identify any potential threats and respond to them swiftly and appropriately.

Do whatever possible to protect your business operations

Do whatever possible to protect your business operations.


Here at Glad Group, we offer extensive security services in Australia. From risk management audits to monitoring electronic systems, you can make sure no aspect of your operation is left vulnerable.