International Security Officer's Day 2021

International Security Officers’ Day (ISOD) 2021

International Security Officers’ Day (ISOD) shines a light on the important services provided by security professionals across the world.

Glad Group has some of the most talented and highly trained security professionals in Australia. We thank them for their contributions and commitment to the high level of service they deliver at our customers’ assets.

Our security officers should be very proud of the role they play within our community. As vigilant guardians of safety, they provide an essential service that touches our lives in many different ways.  From soccer games, visiting a shopping centre, to arriving at work – security officers are a steady presence in an ever-changing world. This has never been more so than over the last 18 months as they have adapted to the current global pandemic.

One of Australia’s leading security providers

Glad Group is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading security service providers. We maintain a workforce of 850 security personnel from many different cultural backgrounds.

Our security teams engage with many different communities across Australia and New Zealand every day. This is achieved through problem-solving, responding to critical incidents, and providing a positive influence to youth groups. In addition to this, our security officers are also the friendly faces to those who need advice and assistance about the building they are visiting.

They are supported by the best systems and technology, including our state of the art National Communications Centre (NCC). Together, they have a commitment to keeping our customers’ assets safe. Together they provide over 1,000,000 hours of service each year, securing over 90 sites for our valued customer partnerships.

About International Security Officers Day 24/7

International Security Officer’s Day is a global security industry initiative, that is now celebrated in a wide variety of countries across the world. This includes Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Singapore, United Kingdom and Thailand.

The goal is to build enough support around the world to petition the United Nations to formally declare 24th July, each and every year, as International Security Officers’ Day. By doing so, we can formally recognise the contribution made by the often nameless and unseen thousands of security officers in helping to keep us safe.