Counter Terrorism certification


At a time when terrorism seems to regularly dominate the news headlines, is at the top of nearly every country’s national security agenda and is considered to be the greatest security challenge of our time, we see leading property management companies investing in risk management strategies to not just protect their assets but the people who visit them every day to work, shop or simply have a cup of coffee with a friend. How companies identify risk and their response capability has become extremely important.

Glad Group’s Security Division offers clients a security platform based on continual development, training and education of our Security Teams involved in the operation of public arenas. This is especially important for identifying potential risk, how to be aware and emergency response capability.

As part of our ongoing initiatives, Rod Moolman, our Security State Manager for VIC recently completed the Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) course in Singapore. The certification is an internationally recognised qualification providing demonstrable proof of knowledge and expertise in terrorism prevention, detection and deterrence. Some of CCTP’s partner organisations of include:

  • FBI National Academy
  • International Counter Terror Officers Association
  • Florida Swat Association
  • International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association
  • Asian Police Officers Association

The course covers fourteen key areas of counter terrorism, which gives participants a unique set of skills and competencies ranging from understanding risk implications via scenario based training and applying effective detection and deterrence methods. It is also endorsed by Skills for Security UK, The International Society for Crime Prevention and The International Association of Counter Terrorism and Security Professionals.

“With CCTP qualifications we now have the capacity to conduct risk assessments for corporate and government clients. The knowledge gained will also be shared with our Security teams around the country, extending our understanding of various threat types such as Active shooter and Terrorism threats, both of which have already been identified by several of our clients” said Rod Moolman.

In an age where risk management is at its most critical, this certification places Glad Group in a unique position to assist clients in the security planning process to help ensure the safety of us all through innovative leading global techniques.