10 years MLC Centre


It’s not very often that an employee stays with the same company for 10 years. It’s even more uncommon for a whole team to stay at the same company, working at the same site for 10 years. That’s how dream teams are created.

Long term staff retention is something all organisations strive to achieve. The longer a staff member is with a company the more valuable they become. They’re ideal for training and mentoring others, promoting your brand to potential clients and consistently deliver quality work.
Here at Glad Group we are proud to announce this month alone five more of our staff members celebrate ten years of service. What makes this even more special, they have worked together for the last ten years – a real dream team, providing first class security services to MLC Centre Sydney.

“I am so proud of what the team at MLC Centre have accomplished. They embody the family culture instilled across our organisation and their dedication, hard work and loyalty is truly inspirational.”
James Carlile, Chief Operating Officer, Glad Group

Led by Security Manager Ravi Paliwal, the team has achieved continuous success over the years with numerous nominations and awards for GPT’s People First Awards, for their ongoing high performance standards in customer service.

So, it’s not surprising that Gilbert Johnson won the inaugural People First Ambassador Award this year for his service dedication.
We could not be more proud of this exceptional team and all they have accomplished. Each of these individuals is responsible for enhancing Glad Group’s reputation and delivering the very best customer experience. We look forward to the next 10 years!

Picture: James Cass (Dockmaster), Gilbert Johnson (Security Officer), Ravi Paliwal (Security Manager), Leonard Joudo (Dockmaster) and Sangdeep Ghasti (Security Controller).