MIP Security counter terrorism training


Members of the corporate security team participated in a two-day counter terrorism training seminar which familiarised the participants with domestic and global threat environments and how these environments impact their security work locally.

MIP Security CT Training Glad Security Team

The trainer, Arye Kasten from M.I.P. Security, partnered with Stratium Global, to deliver this training for the first time to a Glad Security team, to enhance their capability in dealing with security tasks in a counter terrorism context. The training aimed to empower the participants to work proactively by understanding their role in deterring potential security incidents.

Arye Kasten MIP Security

Arye Kasten

Arye Kasten has over 20 years of international security experience working with large corporations and Governments devising effective security solutions and training. Arye is an expert in blast mitigation and electronic security systems and has extensive knowledge of the Asia Pacific region.

He is specialist in threat and risk analysis projects having participated in protection concept design and planning for corporate clients and governments around the globe; and is an expert trainer designing bespoke training courses and seminars for a number of security related projects.

Arye currently serves as major (reserve) in an Israeli Defence Forces Special Forces combat unit, and completed his service in the Israeli Foreign Ministry Security Division where he was head of security at Israeli Embassies in Beijing and the Baltic States. Prior to joining M.I.P. Security and partnering with Stratium Global, Arye was the Head of Project Management and Training for MYY Ltd.