Join us in celebrating World Facilities Management Day (12 May). Today we celebrate the important role facility managers and the wider facilities services industry play in contributing to businesses and organisations around the world.

What is facilities management?

Facilities Management, as defined by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is the “organizational function which integrates people, place, and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business.”

How does Glad Group achieve this?

Glad Group has been providing property services for its clients in Australia and New Zealand since 1989. Our management teams, from site managers to senior management, ensure efficient and strategic operations in the buildings we service. The outcome? Providing a safe, clean and functioning environment for those who use them.

Whether it’s making sure lights, doors and elevators are maintained and functioning properly in an office; organising additional cleaning staff for busier periods in shopping centres; ensuring concierge staff have the knowledge from our Advanced Customer eXperience program or finding new sustainable ways to operate; our facilities managers coordinate and find solutions for a seamless service and heightened customer experience —usually without the customer knowing!

Our strategic approach – working together

World FM DayGlad Group’s integrated service model allows for holistic operations across a whole range of services including concierge, maintenance, security and cleaning. Our on-ground staff are the custodians of our smooth-running operations. They act as the eyes, arms, ears, and legs to oversee and report on anything disruptive to the overall functioning of the building or facility. This helps our facility managers organise what needs to be attended to, quickly.

Our management teams focus on strategy, sustainability, compliance, innovation, and implementation. They continuously identify and adopt new ways to create further efficiencies for our clients’ buildings. They work to reduce the impact on the environment and customers while maintaining all compliance accountabilities.

We thank our facilities management teams for all their work in helping Glad Group grow to be a leading and trusted property service provider in Australia.

Happy World Facilities Management Day!