STAFF THAT STAY – celebrating anniversary milestones

(Anniversary) a day when we remember or celebrate something important that happened on that day in a previous year.

Celebrating Glad Group’s 30th anniversary in business is fantastic, but what’s even more amazing is the number of employees that are sharing milestone workiversaries with us.

This year alone we have 57 employees celebrating 5 years with Glad Group, 12 celebrating 10 years, another 12 celebrating 15 years and 4 celebrating over 20 years. Collectively, that equates to 955 years of experience, 8,365,800 hours on the job or 11.5 lifetimes!

All that experience under one roof allows us to provide our workforce with great on the job training, as knowledge is passed from one employee to another. It also ensures that our clients receive the right expertise for the very best service.

Client Services Manager Sonia Olivera has been with Glad since 2001, in her words:Sonia O-04

“I am so privileged to have been working with Glad Group, a company that has grown so much in the last 18 years and continues growing! I am so proud when I get asked who I work for!”


Sonia has stayed with Glad because of the ongoing commitment shown to staff and clients. Her career expectations have been supported over the years, with the favourite part of her role – sharing successes with her teams.

Glad Group has long been know for its family culture and we will continue to put our people first – by supporting them through reward and recognition, working alongside them for ongoing professional development, down to noticing when they may need a helping hand.

Without providing these special touches as an organisation we couldn’t deliver the expertise and service standards we expect of ourselves to provide our very best service to our clients.
To all those celebrating a workiversary with Glad Group in 2019 – we congratulate you and thank you for your amazing support and loyalty.

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