Our People

The quality of our integrated property solutions rests entirely in the hands of our people. Find out how we attract and retain the best of the best.

Employees across every sector want to feel as though they are moving forward in their career. Organisations that fail to offer their workers such advancement paths risk creating a workforce that lacks the motivation and engagement needed to succeed in today’s business landscape. Here at Glad Group, we back our people 100 per cent of the way. By providing staff with the opportunity to advance their skill sets through learning and development programs, our employees are able to sharpen their talents, further their knowledge and realise their untapped potential. Delivered by both in-house training managers and Registered Training Organisations, these courses enable us to attract talent and develop our workforce into experts capable of handling whatever demands our clients may have.
The range of our solutions – from property cleaning to corporate concierge services – is matched only by the diversity of our people. In fact, providing equal opportunities for our workers is one of the core foundations on which Glad Group founder Nick Iloski built the company back in 1989. Both in our day-to-day operations as well as wider long-term company objectives, there are many ways in which we celebrate and promote diversity. We treat all our employees fairly, equally and with respect, and we do everything we can to provide our people with a safe and professional working environment. We’re also continually looking at how we can further our culture of acceptance and equality.
Glad Group was born when Nick Iloski first immigrated to Australia and began offering his cleaning services. With the company coming from such humble beginnings, perhaps it isn’t too surprising that we put a lot of thought into succession planning to maximise our people’s future success. Every single person who works at Glad Group has the opportunity to advance through their career and chosen speciality. A combination of training, development and succession planning procedures empower our people and allow them to shine, enabling us to hand pick the next generation of leaders who will guide us through the challenges of tomorrow.
Whether it’s our maintenance service people or those carrying out property security, we understand that our employees are wholly responsible for Glad Group’s success. To show our appreciation for our staff and further emphasise the importance of each individual member of our workforce, we’ve designed a Rewards and Recognition system that celebrates and rewards those who consistently provide exceptional service to our clients.

Our people are our greatest asset

Having been in business for over 30 years, we realise the only way we can continue to be industry leaders in an increasingly competitive market is to cultivate an engaged, satisfied and productive workforce.

Embracing this philosophy is not only integral for building a sustainable and successful business, but also enables us to support our employees in a number of different ways. Guaranteeing continued employment and ongoing opportunities for our workers ensures growth and reward for everyone involved with Glad Group.


Benefits of working for Glad

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    Structured Career Pathways

    We offer formalised leadership development opportunities to guide our employees to develop their careers and reach their full potential .

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    Our structured support and buddy system encourages the professional development of every individual through sharing knowledge and expertise.

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    Flexible Working Environment

    We strongly believe in the benefits of a work-life balance to the business and our people and promote flexible working arrangements.

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    Ongoing Training

    Our comprehensive training programs ensure the continuous career progression and increased skill sets of our employees.

If you are striving for excellence, career progression and the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, then let the Glad Group provide the platform.

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