The quality of our integrated property solutions rests entirely in the hands of our people.

Our People

We recruit, deploy, manage and maintain a mobile workforce of 2,500+ people per day, and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver safety conscious people, help create safer environments and provide a pathway to competence for our people. We have a sound People Management Strategy in place to support the overall objectives of our customers and ensure the wellbeing of our people.

At Glad Group, the employee lifecycle consists of six key considerations:

We firmly believe that our people are our greatest asset, and we continuously evolve our business strategy to ensure we cultivate an engaged, satisfied, and productive workforce. By investing in our people, providing clear career paths, and supporting them to feel empowered in the workplace, we have created teams that continually exceed performance expectations.


Through Glad Academy, our online Learning Management System (LMS), we deliver online induction, toolbox talks and learning modules for our teams. Our LMS acts as a single source for all regulatory learning modules, hosting additional courses on everything from personal development, compliance and even sales skills. The system smooths the learning process by keeping track of employee training needs, course completion rates and compliance requirements. Glad Group also has access to a course library developed by subject matter experts and regularly updated to comply with all legislative requirements.


The health, safety and wellbeing of our people is our number one priority. To demonstrate this commitment, we introduced our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We have partnered with a leading mental health and wellbeing provider, Assure Programs, to benefit all our employees. Our EAP offers our employees confidential counselling sessions with qualified psychologists, ensuring they receive the best care to help improve their health and wellbeing. It also provides resources and training for our managers to recognise the signs of stress and wellbeing of their staff and the tools they need to support them. As a company, it is our ambition that all members of the Glad Family work well and have the resources to resolve any personal or workplace challenges.


By investing in our employee’s engagement, we drive higher levels of commitment and improved behaviour at our customers’ assets. It also sets the organisation on a path to long-term success. Our comprehensive employee engagement strategy focuses on creating a workplace culture that brings us all together. We strive to cultivate a workplace environment that enable our onsite teams to achieve their full potential and be recognised and rewarded for their contribution. With a workforce that is dispersed all around Australia and New Zealand, our engagement strategy is facilitated through our Employee Engagement Platform, TRIIBE.

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