Did you know today is ‘Clean Off Your Desk’ Day? No more excuses to keep that pile of paper you’ll never look at again or preserve all the written post-it notes, it’s the perfect day to organise your desk! We promise it will only take a moment and the benefits are huge. Cleaning up and decluttering your desk will help you to be more efficient and more focused on your work. It will save you time, as you will not have to search for that piece of paper lost 3 weeks ago.

Where to even start?

As a cleaning company, a clean and organised space is literally our dream. Experts (like us!) strongly believe that clean desks increase productivity. It is vital to have a functional workspace for any worker to build a productive work life. With COVID-19 still present, many of us have been alternating working from home and working from the office, this balance required even more organisation than usual so it’s definitely time to get organised.

Clean off your desk

From this… to this!

Tips for a clean and organised space

We have 3 key tips for you to celebrate Clean Off Your Desk Day! Before you start, snap a pic of your desk – it will be great to do a before and after!

  1. Set aside some time to organise your desk

It’s the beginning of your day, you’re not sure where to even start your work, meetings will start soon and it’s going to get busier. No stress, prioritise your workflow, and pace yourself. Take 10 minutes to organise your workspace.

  1. Sort your clutter into categories

Start by sorting your paperwork: create different folders, name them accordingly and place them in a convenient spot where you can reach them easily. Any sensitive document (bills, appointments…) need to remain handy so you don’t miss anything. Keep what you need to read close, file what you need to keep, scan what you may need in the future, and shred what you can dispose of!

Move on to other messy elements: post-it notes, clips, pens, and other stationery items… Throw away what you don’t need and organise what you need in a nice compartment tray. If you have drawers, place that tray in your top drawer, easy to access but hidden, perfect!

  1. Clean and make the space yours!

Once everything is organised, give a good clean to your desk! Sanitising has never been as important as this year so it’s a great occasion to disinfect the whole space.

Once that’s done, it’s time for the fun part! Make it yours, decorate at your own taste, include pictures of your loved ones, place a plant if you have some direct light, and frame an inspiring quote to motivate yourself!


Once you’re all done, it’s time to snap another picture of your desk, send us the before and after pictures (email: [email protected]), we’re curious to see your magic! The biggest transformation might even make it to our social media accounts!

Should you need a cleaning provider to help keep your commercial office space clean, contact us to discuss your requirements!



What’s the ‘Save a Life Award’?

Since 2010, the Australian Security Medals Foundation (ASMF) has been honouring exceptional individuals in the security industry through a number of awards designed to acknowledge their contribution to the community. Partnering with St John Ambulance Australia, the ‘Save a Life Award’ recognises security officers that have been faced with making critical decisions, or taking action to save a life. The award provides a way for the community to support those who demonstrate the very best in security professionalism.

Recently, ASMF announced the 2020 recipients and 3 of our Security Officers in Melbourne received a successful nomination. This is a great achievement considering that Glad’ Security officers are often the first responders in a diverse range of emergency situations. Their first-aid capabilities and ability to effectively respond takes dedication and training and it’s always amazing to see their expertise being publicly recognised.

How did they save a life?

While noticing an incident on-site, the 3 Security officers effectively and seamlessly worked as a team to secure the area, deliver first aid assistance through CPR and AED, and alert emergency services. In this instance, the person at the centre of the incident was successfully revived and safely transported to the hospital. This was all thanks to the efforts of Glad Group’s amazing security officers that were effective every step of the way.

The Integrated Services Manager at this site, Michael Joyner was extremely proud of the team’s performance, always on hand and very supportive and said:

“I have the pleasure of working with a truly skilled and professional Security team. Fadi, Wade, and Shabnam continued to demonstrate their abilities and dedication to helping others when faced with this incident. They worked together in sync to save a life.”

We say thank you!

Glad Group is very proud of the work done by the team and applauds each of them for their heroic actions that perfectly represent our company values of Trust, Respect, Integrity, and Innovation.

Wade, Shabnam and Fadi, proud recipients of the ‘Save a Life Award’

For more information on how Glad Group can help secure and clean your assets, feel free to contact us!

Glad Group and Sydney FC sign a major partnership and Glad Group is beyond excited and proud to announce this news for the upcoming season 2020-2021!


If you’re a football fan, you have probably seen the news already! Glad Group and Sydney FC sign a major partnership. We are beyond excited and proud to announce this news for the upcoming season 2020-2021! Glad Group’s logo will proudly adorn the Sky Blues’ A-League jerseys throughout the season. As Glad Group also became Sydney FC’s Technical Partner, our logo will embellish all of the Sky Blues A-League and W-League coaching and high-performance staff’s match day kit.

Glad Group and Sydney FC partnership

Messages from the CEOs

Nick Iloski, Glad Group’s CEO and Managing Director said:

“Sydney FC set the standard both on and off the pitch. They are sports leaders and their success is built on family culture and investment in their community. We are delighted to be aligning with a club that has the same values. We look forward to helping and sharing in our future successes.”

Danny Townsend, Sydney FC’s CEO announced:

“This is another great partnership for Sydney FC with a company who have an extensive presence across Australia. Glad Group share many of our key values and are a family-owned business, much like ourselves they have a strong community commitment. We are very happy to be working with them for the long term.”

An ongoing partnership

The deal between Glad Group and Sydney FC is for an initial first season with an option of a further two beyond that. As a result, Glad Group joins Sydney FC’s other long-term major partners ahead of season 2020-21, with the Sky Blues A-League squad going for an unprecedented third straight Championship and the Westfield W-League squad aiming to claim a record-equalling fourth title. How exciting?!

Do you want to know more?

Read more about ‘Glad Group and Sydney FC sign a major partnership’ here! Should you need a cleaning, security, maintenance, and guest services provider to help keep your premises safe and secure, contact us to discuss your requirements!




Concluding 2020: It’s that time of the year where we take the opportunity to reflect on the year that was.

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is already coming to a close. Fortunately, here at Glad Group, we are passionate about what we do and what we can achieve with hard work.

We are constantly innovating; finding ways to improve our existing solutions, while creating new solutions to meet clients evolving needs and to ensure Glad Group remains at the forefront.

2021 will mark 31 years servicing the property industry, providing cleaning, security, maintenance and guest services across some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest property assets.

We have continued to forge great partnerships over the years, and endeavour to keep those partnerships and exceed our service requirements.

We are excited for what the New Year means for Glad Group and even more excited to showcase a new level of service delivery to our clients that we have worked so hard towards, including an innovation IT solution and new Customer Experience program.

Until then, Glad Group would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and channel partners for their continuous support and we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2021.

Would you like to learn about our services?

If you think your property services could be better, we’d love to show you how. We partner with our clients to put more time back into your calendar, reduce operating expenses and, ultimately, provide a level of care and service that shows.

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Overseeing the operations of a facility is demanding task, especially during the festive season.

With over 30 years experiencing in facility management, Glad Group leverage their talented pool of staff and operational excellence to streamline processes – making facilities in any industry look clean, feel secure and are kept well maintained.

Keep reading below to find out more about our additional services this festive season, it is the perfect time to consider Glad Group as your facility service provider!

Security Servicesadditional services

With the 1.5 metre rule still in play, and the holiday season around the corner, how will your facility ensure compliance to government regulations?

Our security personnel have experience in managing crowds and monitoring for suspicious behaviour during events this time of year, all whilst ensuring your premise is as secured as possible.


additional services

Retail Cleaning Services

Retail facilities experience a higher-level of foot traffic during the holiday season. How should you protect your visitors and customers?Our additional services ensure high-touch points are consistently cleaned, and your centre is looking its best and most inviting.




additional services

Commercial Cleaning Services

In the new year, we foresee that commercial facilities will begin to transition their workforce back onto the premises.

Our additional services are able to assist with that transition to provide confidence to your employees and colleagues.

Whilst your office experiences some downtime this holiday season, our additional service teams are ready to provide workplaces that are free from germs and viruses.


additional services

Maintenance Services

Ensure your facility is operating at its best this holiday season with Glad Group’s Maintenance division.

As properties are experiencing downtime, our maintenance division continues to drive efficiencies that make your property as attractive as possible, as well as operating in the most functional way to ensure the safety of visitors.



Get additional services now

Our trusted and professional service members will ensure your facility is operating at its best. We give you back your time and peace of mind so that you can focus on celebrating, as you should this time of year.

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As the holiday season approaches, will your facility be ready?

Amid all the joy and celebrations, ensuring the facility you operate is clean, maintained and secured is not a small task.

This year more than ever, your workspace needs some extra care to be sanitised and safe of any germs and virus.

Glad Group consider themselves as a partner of choice, with over 30 years in property services, we confidently present our services to help you start the season with additional services at great value.

Experience great value on additional services

Here is a list of our most popular property services that you can select from. Better yet, you will not have to deal with multiple contractors – we streamline our services into a single solution.

Are you interested in additional services? Download our brochures below!

additional services additional services additional services additional services

Get additional services now

Our trusted and professional service members will ensure your facility is operating at its best. We give you back your time and peace of mind so that you can focus on celebrating, as you should this time of year.

For an obligation free quotation contact 1300 283 233 or email [email protected].

About Us 

Proudly Australian-owned, Glad has been dedicated to working in partnership with clients to achieve their goals since 1989. We offer national capability and the opportunity to tailor a range of property services to individual clients’ needs. We share our clients’ commitment to service excellence, sustainability and innovation.

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This year’s NAIDOC theme was “Always Was, Always Will Be” and aimed at recognising that First Nations People have occupied and cared for our country for over 65,000 years.

Glad Group has planned some activities to recognise and celebrate NAIDOC Week 2020, but also to raise awareness about what is NAIDOC for all Glad’s employees. Continue reading to see how Glad Group celebrated NAIDOC Week 2020!

Smoking Ceremony

This year to celebrate NAIDOC Week, Glad Group organised a Smoking Ceremony, accompanied by the vibrant and iconic sound of a Didgeridoo.

Performed by Tribal Warrior, we learned that it is an important part of any ceremony and assists in cleansing the area and the people of bad spirits to promote the protection and well-being of visitors.

It is not just the smoke that is important in the ceremony but also how the fire is lit and what is used to make it. Some might only use a certain type of leave or bark while others may interchange them depending on what the ceremony is.


National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

For the 2nd year in a row, Glad Group ordered a delicious array of Indigenous-inspired food and flavours fresh from the NCIE Kitchen.

From rice-paper rolls with crocodile, hoisin duck pancakes, kangaroo sliders with fennel & apple salad & bush chutney to double chocolate brownies with indigenous berries & walnuts and muffins with indigenous inspired flavours, our NAIDOC week celebration was full of yummy treats!


A day full of fun!

Amongst all the fun, we listened to Spotify’s own NAIDOC playlist, took some great pictures in front of the decorations the Marketing team put together and embarked on yet another journey together as an organisation.





Glad Group believes it is essential to support and enrich the Indigenous communities in which we operate. Through our people and our partnerships, we aim to promote equality for all Australians. We recognise that this is not the reality for many Indigenous Australians, who face significant social, economic, and financial disadvantages.

As we progress on our Reconciliation journey, click here to view our RAP and click here to view the performance of our RAP to date.

Thank you to Kristy Masella from AES for being our very special guest, and thank you to everyone for joining us on that special day!

NAIDOC Always was Always will be


NAIDOC Week 2020’s theme for this year, ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’, recognises that First Nations People have occupied and cared for this country for over 65,000 years.

NAIDOC Week invites all Australians to embrace the true history of this country – a history that dates back thousands of generations. It’s about seeing, hearing, and learning the First Nations history of this country which is Australian history.

What you can do to support NAIDOC Week

Glad Group has some exciting things planned to recognise and celebrate NAIDOC week 2020, but if you are stuck for ideas, here are some below:

  • Display the NAIDOC Poster or other Aboriginal posters
  • Start your own hall of fame featuring Aboriginal role models
  • Make your own Aboriginal trivia quiz
  • Study a famous Aboriginal Australian
  • Research the traditional Aboriginal owners of your area
  • Invite local Aboriginal Elders to speak or give a Welcome to Country
  • Invite Aboriginal dancers to perform
  • Host a community BBQ or luncheon
  • Hold a flag raising ceremony
  • Organise a smoking ceremony

Glad Group believes it is essential to support and enrich the Indigenous communities in which we operate. Through our people and our partnerships, we aim to promote equality for all Australians. We recognise that this is not the reality for many Indigenous Australians, who face significant social, economic, and financial disadvantages.

NAIDOC Week 2020

Did you know?

NAIDOC originally stood for ‘National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee’, a committee responsible for organising national activities during NAIDOC Week and its acronym has since become the name of the week itself.

As we progress on our Reconciliation journey, click here to view our RAP and the performance of our RAP to date.

TYCD 2020 Glad Group


As a cleaning service provider in Australia, this day is very important for all of us at Glad Group, it encourages people to stop and think about the true value cleaning services provide.

We know that cleaners work extremely hard and especially appreciate that they have gone beyond their duties during COVID-19 to ensure that working and living environments are clean and hygienic.

We could not be more proud of the cleaners in our organisation and for that reason alone – they deserved some extra special attention this Thank Your Cleaner Day 2020.

Summary of the Glad events

Check out what we planned below!

  • Onsite activities were organised at each site, in every state! We got fun and creative with ways to say “thanks”, our favourite was putting together this collage of our cleaning staff from every state we operate in, how great is this?!

  • Client Services Managers and State Managers got in on the action, with some reminders leading up to the special day, educating how to say thank you, and more importantly why it is so important!
  • Our reward and recognition program saw an influx of eCards being sent, that’s a record-breaking achievement for our new platform!
  • Some of our key staff shared a message in their own language in a “thank you” video. Glad Group is an organisation that wholeheartedly embraces diversity, we come from places far and wide, with voices in many languages and lifestyles from many different cultures – but that makes us creative, innovative, and better at what we do!

Thank you

THANK YOU to each and every one of our cleaners Australia-wide, no state border can – or will – separate you from the Glad Group family, we hope you feel appreciated and valued.

Until next year!



Those of us who work in the professional cleaning sector know it is one of the most important industries in the world. And every day, millions of dedicated cleaning staff work around the clock to ensure our working and living environments are clean, safe, and hygienic.

The annual Thank Your Cleaner Day will occur on Wednesday October 21st and this is a day allocated for the recognition of the work and dedication provided by cleaning services providers across this nation – and could not be more fitting in our current COVID-19 pandemic. Their hard work is too often taken for granted.

In the global pandemic we are facing, Glad Group is extremely proud of the hard work, extended hours, and dedication cleaners are delivering to protect clients, visitors, and staff from the pandemic.

Say “Thank You!”

October 21st provides all of us with a special opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to those individuals who work hard to clean our schools, office buildings, factories, public spaces, etc.

Be sure to take an opportunity on Thank Your Cleaner Day to demonstrate your appreciation for those individuals who work hard and long, day and night, to provide our clients – and you –  with an environment that is clean, attractive, and healthy.

Don’t forget, to say “thank you” for a job well done on Wednesday October 21st!