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Proudly Australian-owned, Glad has been dedicated to working in partnership with clients to achieve their goals since 1989. We offer national capability and the opportunity to tailor a range of property services to individual clients’ needs. We share our clients’ commitment to service excellence, sustainability and innovation.

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This year’s NAIDOC theme was “Always Was, Always Will Be” and aimed at recognising that First Nations People have occupied and cared for our country for over 65,000 years.

Glad Group has planned some activities to recognise and celebrate NAIDOC Week 2020, but also to raise awareness about what is NAIDOC for all Glad’s employees. Continue reading to see how Glad Group celebrated NAIDOC Week 2020!

Smoking Ceremony

This year to celebrate NAIDOC Week, Glad Group organised a Smoking Ceremony, accompanied by the vibrant and iconic sound of a Didgeridoo.

Performed by Tribal Warrior, we learned that it is an important part of any ceremony and assists in cleansing the area and the people of bad spirits to promote the protection and well-being of visitors.

It is not just the smoke that is important in the ceremony but also how the fire is lit and what is used to make it. Some might only use a certain type of leave or bark while others may interchange them depending on what the ceremony is.


National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

For the 2nd year in a row, Glad Group ordered a delicious array of Indigenous-inspired food and flavours fresh from the NCIE Kitchen.

From rice-paper rolls with crocodile, hoisin duck pancakes, kangaroo sliders with fennel & apple salad & bush chutney to double chocolate brownies with indigenous berries & walnuts and muffins with indigenous inspired flavours, our NAIDOC week celebration was full of yummy treats!


A day full of fun!

Amongst all the fun, we listened to Spotify’s own NAIDOC playlist, took some great pictures in front of the decorations the Marketing team put together and embarked on yet another journey together as an organisation.





Glad Group believes it is essential to support and enrich the Indigenous communities in which we operate. Through our people and our partnerships, we aim to promote equality for all Australians. We recognise that this is not the reality for many Indigenous Australians, who face significant social, economic, and financial disadvantages.

As we progress on our Reconciliation journey, click here to view our RAP and click here to view the performance of our RAP to date.

Thank you to Kristy Masella from AES for being our very special guest, and thank you to everyone for joining us on that special day!

NAIDOC Always was Always will be


NAIDOC Week 2020’s theme for this year, ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’, recognises that First Nations People have occupied and cared for this country for over 65,000 years.

NAIDOC Week invites all Australians to embrace the true history of this country – a history that dates back thousands of generations. It’s about seeing, hearing, and learning the First Nations history of this country which is Australian history.

What you can do to support NAIDOC Week

Glad Group has some exciting things planned to recognise and celebrate NAIDOC week 2020, but if you are stuck for ideas, here are some below:

  • Display the NAIDOC Poster or other Aboriginal posters
  • Start your own hall of fame featuring Aboriginal role models
  • Make your own Aboriginal trivia quiz
  • Study a famous Aboriginal Australian
  • Research the traditional Aboriginal owners of your area
  • Invite local Aboriginal Elders to speak or give a Welcome to Country
  • Invite Aboriginal dancers to perform
  • Host a community BBQ or luncheon
  • Hold a flag raising ceremony
  • Organise a smoking ceremony

Glad Group believes it is essential to support and enrich the Indigenous communities in which we operate. Through our people and our partnerships, we aim to promote equality for all Australians. We recognise that this is not the reality for many Indigenous Australians, who face significant social, economic, and financial disadvantages.

NAIDOC Week 2020

Did you know?

NAIDOC originally stood for ‘National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee’, a committee responsible for organising national activities during NAIDOC Week and its acronym has since become the name of the week itself.

As we progress on our Reconciliation journey, click here to view our RAP and the performance of our RAP to date.

TYCD 2020 Glad Group


As a cleaning service provider in Australia, this day is very important for all of us at Glad Group, it encourages people to stop and think about the true value cleaning services provide.

We know that cleaners work extremely hard and especially appreciate that they have gone beyond their duties during COVID-19 to ensure that working and living environments are clean and hygienic.

We could not be more proud of the cleaners in our organisation and for that reason alone – they deserved some extra special attention this Thank Your Cleaner Day 2020.

Summary of the Glad events

Check out what we planned below!

  • Onsite activities were organised at each site, in every state! We got fun and creative with ways to say “thanks”, our favourite was putting together this collage of our cleaning staff from every state we operate in, how great is this?!

  • Client Services Managers and State Managers got in on the action, with some reminders leading up to the special day, educating how to say thank you, and more importantly why it is so important!
  • Our reward and recognition program saw an influx of eCards being sent, that’s a record-breaking achievement for our new platform!
  • Some of our key staff shared a message in their own language in a “thank you” video. Glad Group is an organisation that wholeheartedly embraces diversity, we come from places far and wide, with voices in many languages and lifestyles from many different cultures – but that makes us creative, innovative, and better at what we do!

Thank you

THANK YOU to each and every one of our cleaners Australia-wide, no state border can – or will – separate you from the Glad Group family, we hope you feel appreciated and valued.

Until next year!



Those of us who work in the professional cleaning sector know it is one of the most important industries in the world. And every day, millions of dedicated cleaning staff work around the clock to ensure our working and living environments are clean, safe, and hygienic.

The annual Thank Your Cleaner Day will occur on Wednesday October 21st and this is a day allocated for the recognition of the work and dedication provided by cleaning services providers across this nation – and could not be more fitting in our current COVID-19 pandemic. Their hard work is too often taken for granted.

In the global pandemic we are facing, Glad Group is extremely proud of the hard work, extended hours, and dedication cleaners are delivering to protect clients, visitors, and staff from the pandemic.

Say “Thank You!”

October 21st provides all of us with a special opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to those individuals who work hard to clean our schools, office buildings, factories, public spaces, etc.

Be sure to take an opportunity on Thank Your Cleaner Day to demonstrate your appreciation for those individuals who work hard and long, day and night, to provide our clients – and you –  with an environment that is clean, attractive, and healthy.

Don’t forget, to say “thank you” for a job well done on Wednesday October 21st!


World Mental Health Day


This year’s World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October, and it comes at a time when our daily lives have changed considerably as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide. For us, it’s a great way to touch base with our Glad teams and check on each other.

With the coronavirus pandemic in our lives, prioritising mental health and wellbeing has been more important than ever. This year, the message is simple: “Look after your mental health, Australia” with two hashtags to support this: #LookAfterYourMentalHealthAustralia and #InThisTogether.

How to reach out to people around you?

The past months have brought many challenges: for our staff, our clients, our stakeholders. We’re navigating through uncertain times and many of us are experiencing social isolation. Today we want to share 15 ways to reach out to someone you know that may go through a tough time:

  1. Tell them you miss them
  2. Ask them if you can help with anything
  3. Remind them you love them
  4. Share some good news with them
  5. Send them a funny meme
  6. Share a curated playlist with them
  7. Express gratitude that you have them in your life
  8. Compliment their outfit
  9. Give them a phone call
  10. Congratulate them on a recent win
  11. Wish them a good day
  12. Send them a cute GIF
  13. Remind them they’re not alone
  14. Ask them if they’re free for coffee
  15. Offer to run an errand for them

Who to contact if you need help?

If you need support, talk to your friends, your family, your manager, or seek help, contact Lifeline (13 11 14) or Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636). If you want to read more about mental health and how to help those around you, visit and

You can also read our other articles about:




What Is Health And Safety In The Workplace?

Health and safety is a diverse subject, but essentially, it is based on one core principle, preventing harm. And that means keeping employees safe, and healthy.

Health and safety can sometimes get bad press, with people focusing on regulations, red tape, court cases and fines. People can use it as a fear tactic, or as an excuse or a punishment. But the practice of health and safety isn’t really about any of that, it’s about protecting people.

Yes, there are health and safety regulations to comply with. Rules that must be obeyed. But even without regulations, health and safety is the right thing to do. We all owe each other “reasonable care”. Nobody wants to get hurt. Nobody wants to become ill. Causing harm to someone is wrong, on a human level, and something that should be avoided.

At work, the subject of health and safety affects every workplace in every industry. Some more than others. But no matter where you work, or who you work for, you need health and safety.

National Safe Work Month

National Safe Work Month

We are fortunate to be led by Nick Iloski, who truly believes in taking care of his employees. To show our and Nick’s commitment in putting the safety and health of our workers first, Glad Group are participating in celebrating National Safe Work Month this October!

We’ll be hosting activities to highlight how important health and safety is at Glad Group. Look out for some more interesting blogs here on our website, great health and safety tips, educational posters that focus on the real-life scenario’s our employees all work in + much more!

Your Health and Safety Matters!

We know our workers are the experts when it comes to the tasks they do and the tools and equipment they use. This makes them a vital source of safety knowledge, ideas and a valued partner for helping to make Glad Group safer.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook for more information about how Glad Group is participating in National Safe Work Month.

Thank you to all our employees for your continued involvement and commitment to safety and health at Glad Group!




To some, the true meaning of family means a group of people related by blood or ancestry. To Glad Group, it has nothing to do with genes and everything to do with love, compassion, and support.

Glad Group is a 30-year-old integrated facility service provider that considers each one of the 2500+ employees as part of their Glad Family.

But what is meant when we say something like that? Read below to find out!

Strong Macedonian roots

Nick and Lucy Iloski have strong Macedonian roots that for over 30 years have openly allowed the rest of the organisation to enjoy. Often we get to indulge in freshly baked burek (spinach and cheese is a crowd favourite at Glad Group!) blessings from their Orthodox priest and the celebration of Nick’s name day, St Nicholas – a very important day in his family and Macedonian culture.

Nick encourages all employees to embrace their cultural heritage, and drives diversity across our organisation. Over the past year, the Glad Family has enjoyed plenty of diverse celebrations, including the endorsement of our Reconciliation Action Plan, which sees events such as NAIDOC and National Reconciliation Week celebrated across our organisation, and Harmony Day (where we all bring in food from our backgrounds!).

Regular events

As any family would, Glad Group celebrate important events and milestones for individuals in the organisation! This includes celebrating Nick’s 50th with a big BBQ out back, to Nick and Lucy’s wedding anniversary, every staff’s birthday with a delicious cake and yummy nibbles, every life milestone such as citizenships, engagements, pregnancies, annual end of year parties and more!

Sometimes, we don’t need something to celebrate, or acknowledge, Nick just wants to bring the Glad Family together, to catch-up, have a moment together and re-group, like any family would do!

Reward and recognition

Nick is extremely grateful for the work each of his employees contribute to and that’s why he always takes the time to check in with staff, making sure everyone is happy and things are going well – we often joke that he is the father to all of us!

Over the past year, to push rewarding and recognising out staff further, we introduced a companywide engagement platform – that funnily enough – is called TRIIBE – which essentially means family!

TRIIBE is where we come together, to celebrate, acknowledge, comment and engage with everyone in the Glad Group business – we make sure nothing goes missed and everyone feels thanked and appreciated!

In hard times

When times are tough is when family matters most. COVID-19 hit majority of families extremely hard and Glad Group continue to do their part to ensure that employees from every division, were prepared for the worst case scenario – including COVID-19 awareness training delivered to all, disposable masks for on-site teams, educational and informative posters, company-wide text messages, company announcements through our internal communication platform, a helpline for employees and more.

These efforts did not go unnoticed, and where done so to make sure we all felt safe in what has been extremely hard the past few months.

Together or apart – regardless, we all play a role in the Glad Family and this day is one of the best ways to remind us of that. So whether you’re from NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS, NT, ACT or even NZ – we hope you feel valued and thank you for being a part of the Glad Family!



Message from CEO and Managing Director
Nick Iloski

Each year during September, R U OK? promotes a national day of action. It is a poignant reminder of what we can do and how caring for our colleagues, family, friends, and community is vital for physical and mental wellbeing.

The role our mental health plays is incredibly important, especially in times like these. Coronavirus serves as an inflection point for all of us, raising questions about how we operate, how we communicate and how we socialise. This year has been unprecedented, bringing many challenges and uncertainties into our lives.

These are challenging times for everyone. In reflecting on this year, I know it is essential we stay connected with each other – our families, friends, and colleagues. Even more important, for those who are able, we need to support those around us as we recognise that though the challenges we face are shared, the personal impacts vary a very great deal for individuals. This is an important time to reach out and check with the people around us, asking ‘R U OK?’.

I want to highlight the significance of R U OK? DAY 2020, and to showcase the alignment of Glad Group’s company values that are extremely important to me.

Our company values are very human – they were created to foster an internal culture that empowers humanity and support across all levels of the Glad Group.

When asking “R U OK?” to someone, you are gaining their Trust.
When they provide you a response, by listening, you are showing them Respect.
With the greatest amount of Integrity, you protect the information heard.
Moreover, as you work together as one team, one community you are able to Innovate.

I am passionate about this organisation, so that each day you come to work feeling appreciated, cared for and valued.

To help me on this journey, I have been working closely with the right leaders, the right mentors, and the right colleagues to bring us all together. I have done this because I truly believe that the strength of our organisation is not measured by the jobs we do, but rather by the humanity we share.

Please take the time to check-in with each other, as part of the #GladFamily. We all have a responsibility to look after each other. To each of you I ask: R U OK?

As always, I thank you for your hard work and commitment to the Glad Family. Stay safe. Stay well.

Nick Iloski
CEO and Managing Director



Keeping clients assets safer is extremely important. No matter what sort of workplace you are managing, the employees’ health and safety is something that always has to be taken into consideration.

That’s why as a service company that works within the assets of our customers, we are taking the risk of coronavirus very seriously.

We have implemented measures in line with government and Safe Work Australia recommendations to manage the risks of exposure to COVID-19 when visiting our clients.

How do we keep your assets safe?

  • Maintaining a 1.5-2m physical distance at all times
  • Increased hygiene and sanitisation measures
  • Informative toolbox talks regarding social distancing with on-site teams
  • Online COVID-19 awareness modules via our Learning Management Software, Glad Academy
  • Introducing a COVID-19 policy to all staff
  • All technicians have been issues with appropriate PPE including masks and disposable gloves
  • Cleaning down surfaces with disinfectant before and after work using Aeris Active™

Regular documented Toolbox Talks meetings are held with all relevant electrical and maintenance technicians to address COVID-19. Topics covered include social distancing, best practice for safe hand hygiene and COVID-19 awareness.

Glad Group utilises Aeris Active™, a broad-spectrum disinfectant with outstanding residual biocidal activity, developed initially for medical facilities. Aeris Active™ is compliant to current SafeWork health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Aeris Active™ can kill all microorganisms, leaving surfaces hygienically clean. The main reason for using Aeris Active™ is its post application efficiency, protecting hard surfaces for up to 7 days, or 200 touches.

Our coronavirus protocols have been implemented to keep our our clients assets safer. Avoid the risk of contamination at your site and get in touch with Glad Group today.

Click here to contact Glad Maintenance or call 1300 452 347.