Pedal for PIF


On Wednesday 24th November 2021, the Property Industry Foundation’s (PIF) annual NSW Tour de PIF will take a different socially distanced direction. Instead of racing through one of Sydney’s national parks, teams will be racing against the clock on socially distanced stationary bikes at Wynyard Park, in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The Glad Group Team has booked their place to clock up as many km as they can in a 30-minute power ride bike to raise funds to support youth homelessness which affects 44,000 young Australians. Each night, 1 in 3 young people are being turned away from supported accommodation services. PIF exists to solve this problem by bringing together the property and construction industry to build homes for homeless youth through the PIF House Program.

Who’s in the Glad Group team?


We thought you might ask this question. Our fundraising team consists of Steve Iloski – Executive Director, Chris Errington – Chief Operating Officer, Nina Collinson – National Sustainability Manager, Rod Moolman – National Security and Counter Terrorism Manager, Neranje Dunuwille – Head of Property Services, Chris Atherton – Head of Risk and Compliance, Ekaterina Lanshakova – Customer Experience Manager, Chelsea Hamre – Business Development Manager, NSW, Belinda Bogoevska – National Risk and Compliance Manager, and Abhijeet Singh – National Procurement Manager.

Get behind Team Glad! Show your support for our pedaling team to help raise funds for this important cause by donating to Team Glad today!

Did you know Glad Group is a major community partner with the Property Industry Foundation?


Glad Group has been a long-time supporter of PIF, which aims to increase the availability of transitional housing for homeless youth (aged 25 and under). Our support of PIF extends beyond our annual financial and fundraising support, thanks to our Maintenance team who are committed to delivering one day a quarter of general maintenance support for the many transitional houses run by PIF and their charity partners.

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Stay tuned for more information!

Aboriginal community


Glad Indigenous exists to provide professional cleaning, security, and traffic management services across Australia. Central to our business charter is a commitment to grow learning, opportunity, employment, and income security to Indigenous peoples and communities – helping to bridge the gap for First Nations people.

Being a people-first organisation

This commitment is fundamental to our business purpose. We are a people-first organisation; the engagement of the right people, with the right skills, for the right job is the very foundation of successful partnership with our clients. To that end, we have developed an extensive Community Engagement Program that focuses on building community relationships to drive better community and business outcomes. We know that partnering with local communities is critical for recruitment and Glad Indigenous seeks to engage in a two-way program of mutual learning and cultural development. We understand that each community is unique and culturally diverse – by connecting with local communities, Glad Indigenous will grow our understanding of cultural practices which we will use to refine our recruitment and employment strategies.

It is important that we begin our connection with communities understanding that we are there to learn – to appreciate the wisdom and stories of the people, get their community feedback as well, to understand if there are any specific barriers to employment that need to be addressed or overcome.

Our Community Engagement Program

Implementation of the Community Engagement Program will see Glad Indigenous form relationships with Indigenous communities where we have either won a contract or are seeking new business. Practically, this means that part of every program for new business won will include community outreach and engagement approach.

The Glad Indigenous Community Engagement Program enables the business to build its understanding of Indigenous culture and practices (and bring this into every perspective of the business). Additionally, by seeking the input from Indigenous Elders, recognising their valuable insights we will also be able to connect more broadly with their communities about career pathways and opportunities in the property services industry. It is planned that training and mentorships will be provided to community members as part of this program – to identify the leaders of Glad Indigenous of the future.

At Glad Indigenous, we seek to work together – to form trusted bonds, a framework of partnership, to become truly one team, one community. Contact us today to see how we can work together.

Safety fatigue management


Every year, Safe Work Australia presents a month-long awareness campaign through National Safe Work Month. National Safe Work Month introduces the opportunity to have more open and deeper conversations around understanding how we work, the hazards we face, and how we manage the risks to keep everyone safe. Safe Work Australia

At Glad Group, we regularly communicate about safety topics and support our teams to ensure their wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do. In October, we focused on fatigue management and the impacts fatigue can have on our lifestyle.

What does feeling fatigued mean

When you are fatigued, you feel exhausted all the time, to the point where you are sometimes unable to perform normally. Fatigue can affect our mental, physical, and subjective states, impacting your day-to-day life, including how you perform at work.

Fatigue can affect anyone, and most adults will experience fatigue at some point in their lives. If you are eating well, exercising regularly, and getting sufficient good quality sleep, but still finding it difficult to concentrate, complete everyday activities or be motivated to your usual level, you may be experiencing fatigue.

How can we manage fatigue?

The good news is that with a few simple lifestyle changes, you have the power to put vitality back into your life. Consider these three different ways you can boost your energy levels.

  1. Be conscious of what you eat and drink
  2. Improve your sleep quality
  3. Live a healthy and active lifestyle

Be aware of psychological issues and fatigue

  • Reduce stress – Stress uses up a lot of energy, so introduce relaxing activities into your day. This could be working out at the gym, meditating, doing yoga, listening to music, or reading. Whatever relaxes you will improve your energy.
  • Assess your lifestyle – For example, are you putting yourself under unnecessary stress? Are there ongoing problems in your life that may be causing prolonged anxiety or depression? It may help to seek professional counseling to work out family, career, or personal issues.
  • Learn to do nothing – Carve out a few hours in your week to simply relax and hang out. If you can’t find a few more hours, it may be time to rethink your priorities and commitments.
  • Have more fun – Maybe you’re so preoccupied with commitments and pressures that you don’t give yourself enough time for fun. Laughter is one of the best energy boosters around.


Overall, take time to focus on your wellbeing, and if you want more tips on fatigue or other health topics, contact us!

Save a life - Sekone Ioane


On Wednesday 27th October 2021, the Australian Security Medals Foundation announced the 2021 recipients of the St Johns Save a Life Award. We would like to congratulate Daniel MacRae (123 Eagle Street, Brisbane) and Sekone Ioane (Westfield Mt Druitt) for their successful nominations.

Last week we told Daniel MacRae’s story, this week we bring you Sekone Ioane‘s story.

Sekone Ioane’s Story

In June 2021, Sekone identified a group of persons of interest (POIs) moving through the centre and sensed the possibility of reckless behaviour. Sekone began monitoring the group’s actions and followed them through the food court at which time his instincts proved correct. An incident broke out in the food court and spilled out into the car park area. Sekone was quick to react to the situation calling for immediate support and was at the scene as the situation escalated. Quickly assessing the situation, Sekone realised that if he did not intervene quickly, potential significant injuries would be sustained by one individual. Without hesitation, Sekone inserted himself into the middle of a group of youths.

He grabbed the victim, who was being set upon, dragging him to safety. Sekone turned his attention to the group of youths before him. His training kicked in and he proceeded to use all the correct techniques to diffuse the situation and disperse the group.  If it wasn’t for his initial observation, the victim’s injuries would have been far worse – no doubt life-threatening.

A bit more about Sekone Ioane

We sat down with Shaun Luxford, Clients Services Manager, Security, NSW to learn more about Sekone and this is what he had to say. Shaun tols us that Sekone is always happy and smiling. He is always willing to assist anyone wherever he can. Sekone also assists with the youth programs within the local area. Sekone has been working at that same shopping centre for over 15 years. He is energetic and proactive when it comes to his performance. Sekone is now in a leadership role and is developing his leadership skills.

Sekone is constantly looking at the bright side of whatever situation he is dealing with. He leads his team by example and shares his experiences with them. He is highly respected and liked by his peers and co-workers, Sekone is a team player who is constantly training and developing his team.

About the Australian Security Medals Foundation

Since 2010, the Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc. (ASMF) has been honouring exceptional individuals in the security industry through several awards designed to acknowledge their contribution to the community. Partnering with St John Ambulance Australia, the Save a Life Award recognises security officers that have been faced with making critical decisions or taking action to save a life. The award provides a way for the community to support those who demonstrate the very best in security professionalism.

Please join us in congratulating both Sekone Ioane and Daniel MacRae as award recipients. This is an amazing achievement that not only represents living our Glad Group values, it is a reflection of the commitment both have to their roles and contribution to the community.

Glad Group story


Glad Group recently engaged a contemporary Indigenous artist, Brooke Sutton, a Kalkadoon woman from Bundaberg. Glad Group’s Indigenous artwork represents our family culture, human values, and our journey towards reconciliation.

Our journey towards reconciliation

Glad Group is committed to an inclusive workplace that embraces and promotes diversity in all forms. We realise we can make a big impact in supporting our Indigenous Australians in the communities through which we engage. The first step is recognising that we all have a role to play in Reconciliation.

Our vision for Reconciliation is to acknowledge and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their history, culture, and contributions; bringing us together as a community where Reconciliation is taking place every day.

Since the formalisation of Glad Group’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in June 2019, we have worked collaboratively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within our business operations, forging partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and through our employment practices, to contribute to Reconciliation. More recently, Glad Group has entered a joint venture partnership with Glad Indigenous to deliver cleaning, security, and traffic management services across Australia. This partnership is grounded in deep respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and is in alignment with Glad Group’s desire to positively impact indigenous communities across Australia.

Our partnership with Indigenous artist, Brooke Sutton – Our story told through Indigenous interpretation

Recently, we engaged a contemporary Indigenous artist, Brooke Sutton, a Kalkadoon woman from Bundaberg, who over the past months has worked with us in developing a unique artwork series that reflects our company’s identity told through:

  • Our family culture and core values,
  • Our commitment to creating a workplace environment that embraces diversity and inclusion,
  • Our vision to approach business with a focus on sustainability and Indigenous reconciliation through our actions.

Brooke beautifully captured Glad Group’s story and our journey through her own artistic expression and interpretation. Read below for her symbolic interpretation of our three-paneled artwork.

Glad Group’s journey by Brooke Sutton

Brooke Sutton“In my painting, the large pink community symbol in the centre panel represents Glad Group with the 10 U symbols on the inside of the community symbol representing Nick Iloski, Glad Group’s Executive Chairman, and his 9 siblings, showcasing the importance of family to Glad Group, which has been instilled into the company since the beginning.

The handprints on the right of the third panel represent Nick and his wife Lucy, and how they created Glad Group to provide cleaning services to customers of a commercial nature. This shows the imprint which they have made on the company and the connection which they will always share with it. The footprints represent Glad Group’s journey from 1989 when it was founded to the present day.

The five medium pink and apricot community symbols which flow throughout the three panels represent Glad Group’s five main services with all the different small community symbols and U symbols throughout the painting representing all the different communities that Glad Group’s employees come from, and how they’ve all come together to create their own communities and families amongst the company.

The mountains, river, and leaves throughout the three panels represent the beautiful landscape of Sydney which Glad Group’s main office is based, and the butterflies and dragonflies represent the diverse backgrounds of everyone who works with Glad Group. Lastly, the sun in the first panel represents Glad Group creating a brighter future for customers and employees and their vision to be Australia’s leading authority on integrated services.”

Story through Indigenous interpretation

You can check out Brooke’s other magnificent paintings on her website and stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Brooke!

Story through Indigenous interpretation

Save a life - Daniel MacRae


Security officers are often the first responders in a diverse range of emergency situations. Their first-aid capabilities and ability to effectively respond take dedication and training. Since 2010, the Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc. (ASMF) has been honouring exceptional individuals in the security industry through several awards designed to acknowledge their contribution to the community. Partnering with St John Ambulance Australia, the ‘Save a Life Award’ recognises security officers that have been faced with making critical decisions or taking action to save a life. The award provides a way for the community to support those who demonstrate the very best in security professionalism.

2021 Glad Group St Johns Save a Life Recipients

On Wednesday 27th October 2021, ASMF announced the 2021 recipients, and we would like to congratulate Daniel MacRae (123 Eagle Street, Brisbane) and Sekone Ioane (Westfield Mt Druitt) for their successful nominations. Today we bring you Daniel MacRae’s story and next week we will bring you Sekone Ioane’s. Both stories reflect the care and empathy taken by both Daniel and Ioane as they responded to critical incidents with bravery.

Daniel MacRae’ story

Daniel MacRae - Save a lifeDaniel was nominated for two onsite incidents. The first involved assisting a gentleman that was complaining of chest pains and had a history of heart attacks and strokes. Assisted by Sandeep Kaur, the gentleman experienced a seizure and at one point stopped breathing with CPR administered. Daniel connected the AED, placing the pads in the required locations, and commenced analysis, monitoring the gentleman’s pulse – luckily no shocks were required, and the gentleman was stabilised on the arrival of the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Daniel also assisted a distraught woman that was experiencing a breakdown due to a pre-existing mental illness. Daniel worked with the woman to prevent her from hurting herself until emergency services arrived.

A bit more about Daniel MacRae

Daniel has a can-do attitude and is always willing to assist others where possible. He is energetic and proactive when it comes to his performance at work. He displays excellent attention to detail; he has recently stepped up into a leadership role on-site and is developing well. Daniel is always looking at the brighter side of situations.

He has respect from his peers for his ability to perform in his role, he is liked by everyone who works alongside him. Daniel is a team player who can take control when dealing with serious situations. Daniel is new to managerial roles and as such, he is learning techniques and styles in handling work and staff. He is showing promise and with guidance and focus, he will excel in this role.


We would like to thank Daniel for being an amazing member of the Glad Family. You are a deserving recipient of this award – from all of us at Glad Group, Congratulations.

Thank your cleaner day celebrations


Thank Your Cleaner Day (TYCD), held on Wednesday 20 October 2021, gave all of us the perfect opportunity to thank our cleaning teams for providing us with a sense of comfort as we have gone about our lives since the pandemic began.

Glad Group cleaning teams have taken on the challenge of adapting to new cleaning requirements, minimising our exposure to the COVID-19 virus, through increased rotations in high touch frequency areas. This effort helps remove over 90 percent of microorganisms and germs from surfaces through consistent sanitisation and disinfectant.

Thank Your Cleaner Day is THE day for everyone to take a moment to appreciate the teams behind the clean and inviting spaces we enjoy and say a very big thank you for the work our cleaning teams perform to keep us all safe!

We wanted to share with you some pictures of celebrations from our teams across Australia, enjoy these pictures!

Thank Your Cleaner Day

Not sure how to pass on your recognition to our cleaners? Drop us a message here and we’ll make sure to pass it on!

Thank Your Cleaner Day


Thank Your Cleaner Day 2021 provides the perfect opportunity to thank our cleaning teams for keeping us safe by actively minimising our exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Did you know that their dedication to sanitisation and disinfection helps remove over 90 percent of microorganisms and germs from surfaces?

In the current and evolving COVID-19 pandemic, professional cleaners play a central role in our society. They ensure public safety and hygiene on a daily basis throughout offices, shopping centres, education facilities, and more. For the second year in a row, we want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that our Glad Group cleaners provide for our customers in these challenging times.

Next time you see a professional cleaner working in a public space, take a moment to thank them for the work they do in keeping us all safe!


Thank Your Cleaner Day (TYCD) 2021

The annual Thank Your Cleaner Day is allocated for the recognition of the work provided by cleaning services providers across this nation – and could not be more fitting in the current pandemic. Every day, millions of dedicated cleaning staff work around the clock to ensure our working and living environments are clean, safe, and hygienic. Their hard work is often taken for granted.


Thank Your Cleaner Day 2021

Do you know where Thank Your Cleaner Day comes from?

In 2015, TYCD was conducted for the first time in New Zealand by the local trade organisation Building Services Contractors (BSCNZ) in cooperation with Kärcher. In 2021, with the expansion of our cleaning operations in New Zealand, we want to reinforce our support for this day of recognition, so that it is acknowledged by everyone that works, shops, or studies in a commercial space that is cleaned by professional cleaners.


Let’s say Thank You!

So what do you think? Let’s all say “Thank You!”. We encourage everyone who comes across Glad Group cleaners on a day-to-day basis to thank them by leaving them a note, a kind gesture, or simply saying “Thank you!”.


Not sure how to pass on your recognition to our cleaners? Drop us a message here and we’ll make sure to pass it on!

Casey Conway GM


Glad Indigenous is proud to appoint Casey Conway as General Manager in what is a very exciting time for the business. In partnering with Glad Group in a joint venture relationship, we will be able to leverage over 30 years of exceptional service, the latest resources and technology, and unrivaled industry knowledge and relationships led by Executive Chairman, Nick Iloski.

Who is Casey Conway?

Casey ConwayCasey is a proud Indigenous man who is a descendant of the Barada people in Central Queensland.

Casey is a former semi-professional rugby league player and recently worked as Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the National Rugby League and Rugby Australia.

Casey has also worked extensively in the community services sector across education, employment, homelessness, youth justice, and family support.

Casey’s role for Glad Indigenous

Working alongside CEO and co-founder Scott Franks, Casey is looking forward to positioning Glad Indigenous as a competitive player in the provision of security, cleaning, and traffic control services. We will work closely with our customers to foster a relationship that goes beyond providing these services by working in a way that is mutually beneficial and provides a two-way sharing channel that results in greater respect and outcomes for business and community.

Being a majority Indigenous-owned and operated business, it’s important for Casey that Glad Indigenous works within a culturally appropriate framework that is developed and implemented with the best interests of our people at its heart. We know that strong economic participation results in stronger individuals, families, and communities so offering opportunities that are accessible and sustainable is a key driver to the success of Glad Indigenous.


We look forward to the journey ahead and we invite you to follow along: Glad Indigenous on LinkedIn.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Casey for a yarn about services or opportunities within Glad Indigenous.

Casey Conway General Manager.

Casey Conway is a descendant of the Barada people in Central Queensland, currently living on Gadigal land. Scott Franks (CEO) is a Wonnarua man from the Hunter Valley region.

Glad Indigenous CEO


As announced in September, Glad Group has entered a joint venture partnership with Glad Indigenous to deliver cleaning, security, and traffic management services across Australia.

Glad Indigenous is proud to welcome Scott Franks as CEO of this exciting venture. Scott is committed to building a partnership to deliver opportunity, education, and development for Indigenous communities across Australia.

As we wanted to introduce Scott to the Glad Family, we caught up with him to find out more about him.

Who is Scott Franks?

Scott FranksScott is a Wonnarua person from the Hunter Valley NSW, their people are the traditional owners of the area around Maitland, Singleton Scone area of the Hunter and upper Hunter Valley.

Scott was born in Singleton and raised on his family property, a farming and beef cattle station. At the age of 17, Scott joined the Royal Australian Army and was attached to the RAAC (Royal Australian Armor Corps).

After a long career with the defence service, Scott established Tocomwall, an Aboriginal archaeological firm about 15 years ago. Scott was also the chairperson of Wanaruah Local Aboriginal Land Council (WLALC) for 2 years before moving to Sydney after taking on Heritage contracts.

Cultural history

Scott is a Wonnarua person and one of the appointed Native title claimants and applicants for these First Nations people. In that role, he and the other Claimant have been authorised to deal with and represent the Wonnarua people about Native title claims – heritage assessment – and contract opportunities within the claimed area. Whilst being a native title claimant is extremely important it also represents the trust and confidence the Wonnarua people have in Scott to do the right thing for their people today and to ensure that future generations have inter-generational benefits available to them.

The importance of Glad Indigenous

From a company perspective, Glad Indigenous offers great opportunities to First Nations people wherever it operates. The benefits for training and long-term employment for the community are outstanding. Glad Indigenous has a core basic function with the management team and board members which ensures local people are employed and trained where those contracts are awarded. Glad Indigenous will also be ensuring First Nations people are in a position for further training and promotion, providing career pathways.

Glad Indigenous will service contracts across remote Australia and seek to deliver opportunity to local Aboriginal communities. As a First Nations person, Scott first-hand knows what Indigenous communities deal with when it comes to employment and broader economic opportunity and as such he is committed to working to bridge the gap through learning, employment and meaningful engagement.

Scott Franks’ experience will support Glad Indigenous in becoming a competitive player for cleaning, security, and traffic control services

Over the years Scott has chaired Local Aboriginal land councils, been appointed on state government advisory panels, and worked with several communities across Australia. Understanding the APIC policy and having close working relationships with several tiers 1, mining companies, and government departments, have given Scott the insight to know that experience is only ever as good as your relationships and network. Scott’s experience will help take Glad Indigenous to the next level and will ensure First Nations people get the best opportunities and support to succeed.

Supporting Indigenous communities at the core of Glad Indigenous’ purpose

Scott and the rest of the team have taken the time to base the establishment of Glad Indigenous on solid advice from Glad Group’s senior management team and other corporate advisors to ensure the company is built for success.

This places Glad Indigenous in a unique position, with the tools needed to deliver opportunity and learn from the stories, wisdom, and cultural heritage of the First Nations people we connect with, regardless of what mob those communities come from.

Welcome Scott Franks CEO

If you’re interested in Glad Indigenous services or opportunities, follow us on LinkedIn and don’t hesitate to reach out!

Scott Franks (CEO) is a Wonnarua man from the Hunter Valley region.