Diversity and inclusion


As part of Glad Group’ strategic direction for sustainability initiatives ‘A force for good’, we aim to support the development of better people and communities, become a better business and find solutions for a better planet.

To support the first pillar of this strategy — better people and communities — in June 2021, we invited Glad Group employees to have their say on how Glad Group is fostering workplace diversity and inclusion via an online survey. We thank those who took the time to have their say.

A force for good

What our employees told us

In analysing the survey, we were overwhelmed by the number of positive comments and suggestions that were shared. It was clear in the responses that there is a strong sense Glad Group works as ‘one team, one community’, amongst the diverse backgrounds. There was also a reoccurring theme of wanting to connect through different cultural events, especially through food and sharing stories.

Conclusive of the survey, we know there is always more that can be done to support diversity and inclusion in our workplace. We have made it our priority to continue to promote diversity and inclusion drawing on the feedback and suggestions we received in the survey.


So, what happens next…

From the feedback we received, we have developed some fun activities and educational training, so we can all learn more about the importance of creating a workplace culture that embraces our differences.

  • Culture Day – Celebrating a different culture every month; from food, cultural practices, and language – like teaching each other to say hello!
  • Cultural naming of our meeting rooms – Over the past two months, we have renamed all our meeting rooms with meaningful and diverse words, something we’re very proud of!
  • Training – A Diversity & Inclusion toolbox talk for all Managers has been distributed and is designed to increase understanding of what this means and potential barriers to be mindful of. We are also developing a toolbox talk to increase awareness of unconscious bias for everyone.

We aim to support the development of better people and communities.

If you’d like to share some ideas around diversity and inclusion, message us here!


R U (really) OK?

This year has seen many of us face challenging circumstances due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, it is essential for us all to stay connected and look after each other. Every year at Glad Group, we acknowledge R U OK? Day and encourage conversations that can help our colleagues, friends, and family through difficult times.

What is R U OK?

R U OK? is a harm prevention charity that encourages people to stay connected and have meaningful conversations with those who might be struggling with aspects of their life. R U OK? also contributes to suicide prevention efforts by encouraging people to invest more time in their personal relationships and building the capacity of informal support networks, such as friends, family, and colleagues, to be alert to those around them. In doing so, they may be able to identify signs of distress or difficulty and connect someone to appropriate support, long before they’re in crisis.

What you can do to help

R U OK poster

We are asking colleagues, customers, friends, and family to take some time to think about how they can look out for those close to and around them – to check in with them and ask ‘R U OK’?.

At Glad Group, we continue to build a supportive culture, where people feel comfortable in asking and answering this simple question. These conversations can make a real difference for those that may be going through a tough time.

If you’re not sure how you can start this conversation, the R U OK? website is full of resources to assist you. For example, the four steps on this poster are a great start!


As a people-first business, Glad Group is committed to the wellbeing of our people. To support this, we recently reintroduced our Employee Assistance Program, read more about this here!


PART 2 – Working as ‘One team, one community’ to achieve customer excellence

Glad Group’s ethos is built on its human values of trust, respect, integrity and innovation. The people we employ and the customers we work with align with these values. Above all, we work as ‘one team, one community’ to provide exceptional outcomes and customer service excellence every day.

‘One team, one community’ talks to each of us working together not just as a team, but as members of a broader workplace community. A community of customers, colleagues, property management, visitors and guests. By working as ‘one team, one community’ we are much more than the role we perform, we become something greater: custodians of customer care, security and well-being.

For Part 2 of this blog, we spoke to two of our security teams at shopping centres in New South Wales to find out what inspires them to do their best every day, what skills they believe are necessary to have ‘on the job’, and what customer service excellence they have received working as a team.

Shopping Centre, Liverpool

Andrew David, Site Manager

We are inspired by a dose of healthy competition, which really drives us as a team. We have an ongoing goal to be consistently recognised by Glad Group senior managers and our customers. They are the best at what they do.

My top picks for skills required would be communication, a positive attitude, trainability and adaptability. You really have to be prepared for anything when working in a retail environment, and willing to learn and adapt as the environment changes around you.

Customer Excellence

The team recently received an award from the Governor-General. Liverpool Police congratulated all of us ‘undoubtedly’ saving the lives of two women and arguably the life of the offender. The team really came together that day and were first on the scene. I can’t praise them enough for their performance.

Shopping Centre, Hurstville

Kurt Simon, Site Manager

We feel so inspired and rewarded when we are able to impact a customer’s day in a positive way. This could be by means of even the smallest gestures, which are often very meaningful. When we receive positive feedback from a customer, we ensure recognition is given. I believe inspiration begins with the team, this enables us to do our best every day. We have a close bond and because of this, we are able to communicate effectively and help each other. The team has a strong sense of respect and enjoy being around one another.

Among the many diverse skills required, I would have to say that the necessary skills are; customer service, communication skills, high attention to detail (administration and surveillance), teamwork, work ethic, professionalism, initiative and a level of leadership.

Customer Excellence

Some of the best feedback we have received from customers is the response and handling of a number of unfortunate events in our centre. On most occasions, the quick targeted response, along with the necessary skill set, has allowed us to prevent specific types of incidents from happening. To be able to prevent someone from harming themselves is significant for us, but even more so for that individual and their families.


Did you miss Part 1 of our blog? Check it out here.


Part 1 – Working as ‘One team, one community’ to achieve customer excellence

Glad Group’s ethos is built on the human values of trust, respect, integrity and innovation. The people we employ and the customers we work with align with these values. Above all, we work as ‘one team, one community’ to achieve customer excellence and provide exceptional outcomes every day.

‘One team, one community’ talks to each of us working together not just as a team, but as members of a broader workplace community. A community of customers, colleagues, property management, visitors and guests. By working as ‘one team, one community’ we are much more than the role we perform, we become something greater: custodians of customer care, security and well-being.

For Part 1 of this blog, we spoke to our security teams who work at premium commercial assets in Queensland and Victoria to find out what inspires them to do their best every day, what skills they believe are necessary to have ‘on the job’, and what customer service excellence they have received working as a team.

Vibrant business hub, Brisbane

Jatish Arora, Security Manager

We feel inspired through appreciation and involvement from the leadership team on-site and the client. We see ourselves as one team, valuing each other’s input which encourages all of us to go above and beyond.

Our secret talent is great customer service, we are always striving to go the extra mile and we also have the ability to work together as a team, ensuring we all contribute in a positive way every day. Excellent customer service skills, along with optimum site knowledge to be able to successfully deliver the service required.

Customer Excellence

There has been lots of feedback since my time here. Some of my favourites are listed below but the list could be so much longer!

  1. The Queensland Ambulance Service acknowledged the team for how well incidents are managed before they arrive on site. When they do arrive, they are given assistance with directions to the location of the incident to ensure care is given as quickly as possible.
  2. We’ve also recently received positive feedback regarding the annual IPRA compliance audit in which day staff play a crucial role.
  3. Across the team, we have won over 50 individual People First Awards and three team awards which shows how dedicated the team is and their high standard of performance.

A-grade commercial precinct, Melbourne

George Narsa, Site Manager

We are inspired by the culture that we have created here that is based on respect. We want to do our best for each other every day.

Customer service is one of the most important skills in our industry. Knowing how to talk to someone and treating them with the utmost respect, not only helps one with customer relationships but will help de-escalate serious situations.

Customer Excellence

Our clients and customers are very appreciative of the team for the hard work they deliver every day. There have been countless times when our client has recognised our team members for their quality customer service and professionalism. They are truly an award-winning team and I believe the achievements are a reflection of their performance.


Look out for next week, where we will share Part 2 of our blog, where we will be speaking to two of our teams in New South Wales. In the meantime, if you have any good stories of customer service excellence, email us at [email protected].

International Security Officer's Day 2021

International Security Officers’ Day (ISOD) 2021

International Security Officers’ Day (ISOD) shines a light on the important services provided by security professionals across the world.

Glad Group has some of the most talented and highly trained security professionals in Australia. We thank them for their contributions and commitment to the high level of service they deliver at our customers’ assets.

Our security officers should be very proud of the role they play within our community. As vigilant guardians of safety, they provide an essential service that touches our lives in many different ways.  From soccer games, visiting a shopping centre, to arriving at work – security officers are a steady presence in an ever-changing world. This has never been more so than over the last 18 months as they have adapted to the current global pandemic.

One of Australia’s leading security providers

Glad Group is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading security service providers. We maintain a workforce of 850 security personnel from many different cultural backgrounds.

Our security teams engage with many different communities across Australia and New Zealand every day. This is achieved through problem-solving, responding to critical incidents, and providing a positive influence to youth groups. In addition to this, our security officers are also the friendly faces to those who need advice and assistance about the building they are visiting.

They are supported by the best systems and technology, including our state of the art National Communications Centre (NCC). Together, they have a commitment to keeping our customers’ assets safe. Together they provide over 1,000,000 hours of service each year, securing over 90 sites for our valued customer partnerships.

About International Security Officers Day 24/7

International Security Officer’s Day is a global security industry initiative, that is now celebrated in a wide variety of countries across the world. This includes Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Singapore, United Kingdom and Thailand.

The goal is to build enough support around the world to petition the United Nations to formally declare 24th July, each and every year, as International Security Officers’ Day. By doing so, we can formally recognise the contribution made by the often nameless and unseen thousands of security officers in helping to keep us safe.

NAIDOC week 2021


This year, NAIDOC Week is held from Sunday 4 July to Sunday 11 July.

Since the formalisation of Glad Group’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in June 2019, we are working collaboratively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to realise the vision of a society in which everyone has equal opportunity to participate, and is respected and accepted.

Each year, we bring our people together and pay tribute to NAIDOC Week, raising awareness on its significance and providing an environment free of judgement for our teams.

2021 NAIDOC theme

The NAIDOC 2021 theme is ‘Heal Country!’ and calls for all of us to continue to seek greater protections for our lands, our waters, our sacred sites, and our cultural heritage from exploitation, desecration, and destruction.

NAIDOC posterNAIDOC 2021 invites the nation to embrace First Nations’ cultural knowledge and understanding of Country as part of Australia’s national heritage and equally respect the culture and values of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders as they do the cultures and values of all Australians.

This year, we also would like to highlight Gubbi Gubbi artist, Maggie-Jean Douglas. Maggie-Jean created the 2021 National NAIDOC poster, using the theme, Heal Country!, as inspiration.

Her painting, ‘Care for Country’, is a bright and vibrant artwork which explores how Country has cared for, and healed, First Nations people spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and culturally.

How do we support Indigenous communities?

Glad Group believes it is essential to support and enrich the Indigenous communities in which we operate. Through our people and our partnerships, we aim to promote equality for all Australians. We recognise that this is not the reality for many Indigenous Australians, who face significant social, economic, and financial disadvantages. This responds to this year’s theme; resolving many of the outstanding injustices which impact the lives of our people. We are proud to be a part of a significant community of organisations with a focus on reconciliation.

We want to be part of ‘Heal Country!’ and will keep seeking ways to collaborate and amplify our existing actions. We do this in partnership with our customers and suppliers, through our employment practices and procurement choices.


We invite you to visit NAIDOC’s website to learn more about the significance of NAIDOC Week: https://www.naidoc.org.au/



Glad Group’s community engagement approach is simple. Our people engage with the community every day by the very nature of the work that we do. And the work that we do is critical to underpinning the sustainability of the communities we work in.

Our multi-cultural and diverse teams:

  • Ensure business and retail environments are clean, hygienic and free from hazards (cleaning)
  • Provide peace of mind and safe spaces for community members to work and shop in (security)
  • Preserve and maintain sites, reducing downtime (maintenance)
  • Make people feel welcome, provide support and help address and resolve questions or issues as quickly as possible (concierge)

Our commitment

We commit to acting ethically and operating in a manner that takes into account societal and environmental issues and perspectives. Through this commitment, we aim to make a positive contribution to the community, our people and the environment.

Glad Group has been a proud and active community member throughout our 30+ years of history. We encourage our employees to make a positive contribution to their local communities and the environment. We value longer-term relationships and have a particular focus on the identification and support of Shared Value initiatives that generate simultaneous business and societal value. Such an approach lends itself to the long-term sustainability of our partnerships. This we believe is good for our partners, the community, our people and Glad Group.

We identify our community partners by assessing their track record of making a genuine impact on the community and capacity building. We seek to align ourselves with organisations that align with our values and culture.

Our focus

We focus on improving the social outcomes of the communities where our people are located.  To do this, we look for new and innovative ways to engage, in order to tackle key social issues. We know that we cannot tackle every social issue so have aligned our areas of focus to issues of most importance to our stakeholders, that is:

  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Safety and Wellbeing

The way this translates practically sees us provide support to, and help develop opportunity for, more vulnerable members of the community. This means supporting community partners, programs and services to help connect people and provide opportunities for those who are more vulnerable, currently excluded from society or disadvantaged. This involves developing or supporting programs that actively tackle pressing issues such as youth homelessness and domestic violence.

This approach sees us move beyond philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. We are being more strategic, thinking simultaneously about our business and our capacity to contribute to positive and lasting societal change. At the corporate level, this means that we support a select number of organisations, programs and initiatives. Through these, we aim to seek deep and long term relationships focused on community impact and outcomes.

Our support at a local level

At the local level, we support our teams based at client sites to develop an understanding of the key local social issues. In doing so, they can contribute to supporting those communities on the issues of most importance to them.

We don’t just invest financially, we also share the time, skills and expertise of our people. We look for ways our people can get involved and create value in the community. This includes using our expertise to assist community partners; through volunteering; participating in events that raise awareness and/or funds for important and relevant issues; donating funds for emergency relief. Engaging our employees through community programs also promotes a better work-life balance and provides the opportunity for them to contribute to the community.

Check out the initiative our team at Eastland were involved in: https://bit.ly/2RfGlB1

Glad Group supports:

our community engagement approach

Glad Group and Mission Australia


We are extremely excited to announce that Glad Group has joined Mission Australia’s supporter program. This new national community partnership will be an important part of the way we deliver on our focus to drive inclusion and equality, and promote safety and wellbeing, for our local communities and our people. Glad Group supports Mission Australia

Mission Australia is a national charity motivated by a shared vision of an Australia where everyone has a safe home and can thrive. Since 1859, they have been standing alongside people in need, offering real hope that has a lasting impact. Every day, they deliver homelessness crisis and prevention services, provide social and affordable housing, assist struggling families and children, address mental health issues, fight substance dependencies, support people with disability, and much more.

Mission Australia believes a person’s circumstances shouldn’t define their future and that given the right support, everyone can reach their full potential. That’s why they stand together with Australians in need until they can stand for themselves.

The Glad Group Family and Mission Australia helping each other

With a national footprint, all of Glad Group’s employees will have the opportunity to engage and connect with Mission Australia. There are many different ways for us all to get involved and support, or access, Mission Australia’s fantastic services. This includes fundraising activities, volunteering our time and learning more about the different programs Mission Australia offers, and amplifying across the communities we serve.

Steve Iloski, Glad Group’s Executive Director notes: “I’m really excited by the opportunities that our partnership with Mission Australia present. Our organisations are very aligned in our approach and values, and we want to form a deep and long-lasting relationship with them, to create real community impact and provide support for vulnerable Australians.”

Giving through community partnerships

Glad Group’s participation in the Mission Australia Supporter Program complements our other major community partnership with the Property Industry Foundation (PIF). We have been a long-time supporter of PIF who aim to increase the availability of transitional housing for homeless youth (aged 25 and under). Our support of PIF extends beyond our annual financial and fundraising support, thanks to our Maintenance team who are committed to delivering one day a quarter of general maintenance support for the many transitional houses run by PIF and their charity partners. Glad Group supports Mission Australia

Stay tuned to find out how Glad Group will be supporting Mission Australia across NSW, VIC, QLD, and WA!



A journey towards zero emissions in our own operations

Every business has a responsibility to minimise the impacts it has on the environment. Many businesses have come a long way in reducing their carbon footprint and achieving environmental sustainability targets. Glad Group is no exception.

Glad Group is committed to conducting business operations in an environmentally responsible, sustainable and restorative manner for the protection of the environment. As a key plank of our broader sustainability strategy, “A Force for Good”, we know that we need to take mindful ongoing action to reduce any environmental impacts as a result of our own operations. To become carbon neutral, we will calculate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our business, for example from fuel consumed, electricity use and travel. We will reduce these emissions as much as possible by investing in new technology or changing the way we operate. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, and we are well on our way…

So, how are we working towards being environmentally sustainable in our own operations?

Glad Group has undertaken an environmental impact assessment of our business to understand where our significant environmental impacts occur. This enables us to focus attention on managing the most material impacts. We monitor and assess risks arising from the impacts of climate change and take these into account in business decisions. This approach is supported by clear policies and procedures to help our business rigorously assess the environmental impact of its activities on a continuous basis. It also ensures we are taking action to reduce these impacts. For example, our Environmental Policy articulates our commitment, while our Environmental Management System ensures that we take a systemic approach both within our own operations but also at our clients’ sites.

Below are a few things we are doing.

Training and engaging our people

We will not achieve our carbon neutral goal without the buy-in and commitment of our people. Through communications and training, we ask our people to be part of this journey and look for ways to reduce environmental impacts in everything that they do. We regularly track and report on our footprint to ensure that we achieve intended outcomes in our activities.

Sustainable fleet practices

One of Glad Group’s most material emissions sources relates to the consumption of fuel from our tool of trade fleet. We’re committed to a more sustainable approach in the management of our fleet, including transitioning to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Waste management

Glad Group has adopted a ‘best practice’ approach to waste management within our own buildings; in setting targets and goals; understanding our waste streams, and developing a plan to address and minimise waste with clear roles and responsibilities defined. We also play a key role in helping our clients achieve their waste objectives, and help them understand their waste streams, contamination points and engagement with tenants and retailers.

Investing in renewable energy sources

A material contributor to our footprint is the consumption of electricity at our head office in Rockdale. Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact has led to the installation of a 100Kw solar array comprising 276 individual solar panels on the roof of the building. As a result, we’ve managed to significantly reduce our consumption of electricity from the grid. This has significantly reduced our carbon footprint. Electricity generated by the panels almost covering the full electricity demand of the building.


Glad Group will continue to identify ways to minimise its impact on the environment. Through a number of policies, procedures, procurement, and conscious action, our organisation works determinedly to reach our sustainability targets one green initiative at a time.


A journey towards zero emissions in our own operations



Please join us in recognising National Reconciliation Week (NRW).

NRW is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements. More importantly, it’s a time to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

The dates for NRW do not change – they commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey— the successful 1967 referendum, and the High Court Mabo decision respectively.

A brief history

In 1993, NRW started as the ‘Week of Prayer for Reconciliation,’ (International Year of the World’s Indigenous Peoples), which gained strong support from Australia’s major faith communities. In 1996, the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation launched Australia’s first National Reconciliation Week. The year 2001 saw the establishment of Reconciliation Australia which aimed to provide national leadership on reconciliation. Approximately 300,000 people walked across Sydney Harbour Bridge to show their support for reconciliation as part of NRW. This was subsequently mirrored across other bridges in cities and towns. Today, NRW is celebrated in workplaces; schools and early learning services; community organisations and groups; and individuals Australia-wide.

NRW 2021

This year, Reconciliation Australia’s theme, More than a word, Reconciliation takes action, urges us to take braver and more impactful action.

Reconciliation is a journey for all Australians – as individuals, families, communities, organisations and, importantly, as a nation. At the heart of this journey are relationships between the broader Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. And if we do not take action, then this journey towards true reconciliation will not move forward.

We all have a role to play with reconciliation. In doing so, we collectively build relationships and communities that value our Indigenous Australians’ culture, past, present and future. Therefore it’s important for us to respectfully amplify First Nations’ voices and add our voices to calls for reconciliation.

NRW is a great time to start a conversation at home about reconciliation or take a moment to learn more and understand what reconciliation is all about.

Glad Group’s actions

In 2021 Glad Group will develop its second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – our roadmap of tangible commitments for the company to support the reconciliation movement. We aim to seek input and consultation from our employees in regard to what type of action and commitments Glad Group should be taking, to further our support First Nations People.

NRW 2021

Ways to get involved

Why not have a look at the Reconciliation Film Club page, which has some great resources that will ignite your conversations.

This conversation with Senator Patrick Dodson is a great place to start to get a more detailed overview of the challenges that First Nations’ people have faced: ‘Patrick Dodson – Father of Reconciliation’.