What does it take to have the skills for cleaners? That’s actually a pretty great question – lucky you have come to just the right place.

Working as a cleaner may involve tidying, scrubbing, wiping, washing, dusting, vacuuming, mopping or polishing furniture, work areas and machinery. Cleaners may be employed in a variety of areas such as within domestic, industrial, health, education and public settings. Cleaners may work irregular hours or split shifts, and may undertake work on a full-time, part-time or casual basis.

Depending on the role, cleaners may work outside (for example cleaning graffiti) or inside (for example cleaning offices). Many cleaners work for businesses, factories, hospitals or cleaning companies.

So what skills for cleaners do you need? Read below:

  • You need to have attention to detail to ensure you do not miss areas as you go through your cleaning checklist.
  • You need to be thorough yet efficient with all your tasks – from sweeping floors to disinfecting bathrooms – to ensure you are done by the time your shift is over.
  • Those who work independently need to be self-driven, while those who are part of a team should know how to collaborate with others and follow instructions from supervisors.
  • Time management skills are important to make sure that you complete your assigned tasks during your shift, and you need physical stamina to spend hours on your feet, pushing, pulling, and lifting cleaning equipment.

If you wish to apply for a cleaning role, please send your resume to Recruitment@gladgroup.com.au and address it to ‘Human Resources’. Head over to our LinkedIn or Facebook pages to know more about the Glad Family.

Glad Group values diversity and encourages interest from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and people with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds to apply.



This year Glad Group celebrates 30 years in business, we thought it was the perfect time to find out more about the journey getting here from our CEO and Founder Nick Iloski.

What was your journey like to get to where you are today?

One of the big challenges I faced when I went into business was language, I tried very hard to overcome this through hard work and doing the very best quality job I could.

I’ve also had to make lots of decisions along the way to 30 years of Glad. One of the pivotal movements was deciding to create the company in 1989. At the time there was a recession, so it was difficult times for many people. I was lucky enough to be in a position where I needed further investment and structure around my business – I looked for people that had supported me in the past and brought them into the business, some of those people are still with me today.

I was also willing to take risks and looked for the right opportunities to keep moving forward.

How have you approached change within your business over the last 30 years?

I have always been a believer in innovation and technology and surrounded myself with good people. I never gave up, I focused on finding solutions, worked collaboratively and most importantly listened to my customers.

 What do you consider your three biggest accomplishments?
  • My marriage – my wife has been by my side since the very beginning.
  • Watching people that I have employed grow with the company over the years and in some cases seeing their own family join the Glad family.
  • Bringing service integration into the heart of our business – my dream is to be a one stop shop for our clients.
How would you describe yourself?

Good listener, passionate about what I do, hardworking and generous.



The annual Thank Your Cleaner Day will occur on Wednesday October 16th.

This is a day allocated for the recognition of the work and dedication provided by cleaning services providers across this nation.

October 16th provides all of us with a special opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to those individuals who work hard to clean our client’s schools, office buildings, factories, public spaces, etc.

Their hard work is too often taken for granted.

Thank Your Cleaner Day provides an official occasion to remedy that.

Be sure to take an opportunity on Thank Your Cleaner Day to demonstrate your appreciation for those individuals who work hard and long, day and night, to provide our clients – and you –  with an environment that is clean, attractive, and healthy.

Say “thank you” for a job well done!





This year, Glad Group celebrates 30 years of the Glad Family, which has grown from just one to over 2,500 across Australia and New Zealand. In 1984, founder Nick Iloski immigrated to Australia with his wife Lucy. This marked the start of an amazing career that has spanned over 35 years. In the very beginning, Nick built relationships with business owners all over Sydney cleaning offices, shops – even Carla Zampatti’s boutique on Elizabeth Street and the windows of high rise buildings.

With encouragement from his clients, in May 1989, the Glad Group officially opened for business. With great passion and determination, Nick together with Lucy worked hard to build their reputation and began to see the company grow.

The last thirty years have shaped us, and for that we are extremely grateful to our successes, our employees that work tirelessly to make it happen and our clients who support us.

In celebration of our thirty years, we are sharing some of the memories that we’ve all experienced together and showcasing our company’s rich history including our expansions, supporting of clients, giving back to our communities and celebrating successful years.

Here are our memories:




Biodiversity Month is held in September each year and aims to promote the importance of protecting, conserving and improving biodiversity both within Australia and across the world. Glad Group is committed to protecting Australia’s unique biodiversity.

We encourage eliminating harmful chemicals from your home or work environment so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have positively contributed to caring for this planet and the health of your loved ones – including the furry ones!

Cleaning is vital in maintaining a clean, healthy, and fresh and above all an attractive home as well as workplaces. We believe a clean and hygienic environment at work is essential because it helps keep diseases and pests away, a clean office or corporate facility, improves the safety of the workers and also encourages a positive attitude in the employees.

The biggest concern when it comes to cleaning is the safety of the products used in the cleaning process. A lot of chemicals are used in the manufacture of conventional cleaning agents. As much as these agents clean, the impact they leave on the environment and people can be devastating. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly cleaning products available. Here are some of the benefits of using environmentally friendly cleaning products:

    Eco-friendly cleaning products do not have toxic chemicals. This means that the user is protected from the exposure to toxic substances and fumes. The person cleaning using environmentally friendly products will not have to worry about itchy skin, eyes, a running nose constant coughing or other side effects associated with harmful toxic chemicals.

When handling conventional cleaning products, there are several risks associated with getting into contact with them. You have to wear protective clothing in order to protect your skin, eyes, and nose. However, when you use eco-friendly cleaning products, you will not experience all these risks because they contain gentle ingredients that are not harmful to your skin or body.


Commercial cleaning products are generally expensive. This is because of the different chemicals used in making them. Green cleaning products like lemon vinaigrette, baking soda, and others are less expensive, they are readily available and above all, they are not harmful to your health. They can be used to clean almost all surfaces in the home without damaging the texture of the surfaces or removing paint. This is because they are less abrasive.


Conventional cleaning agents are destructive to the environment in a number of ways. For example, the fumes that are released when using commercial office cleaning products contaminate the air through evaporation.

This may cause health problems to people and even animals if inhaled. When these toxic chemicals mix with water, they pollute the water and endanger the lives of people and organisms that use the water. But eco-friendly products, on the other hand, are safe for the environment since they contain natural ingredients.

Glad Cleaning are highly trained in using eco-friendly and A grade chemicals whatever your needs are for your office cleaning, do not hesitate to contact Glad Group for a free quote and inspection.



Education cleaning presents a number of challenges, in part because sanitation and cleanliness is not top-of-mind for most students. Our goal when cleaning an educational facility is to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria in a very high-traffic environment.

Cost of education cleaning and maintenance is a major concern of educational facilities. Glad Group will help reduce your costs while maintaining or even improving the quality of service received.

Included in our program is pre-scheduled floor care services to ensure periodic services are scheduled in advance for optimum appearance and asset preservation.

To prolong the life of your carpet, hardwood, tile, or any other type of flooring, regular care is required. Fortunately, our education cleaning staffs keep track of this so you don’t have to. With kids in the building, any number of spills or accidents can happen; we are there to make sure these don’t become permanent stains.

Glad Group provides cleaning services to these types of educational facilities:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Technical and Vocational School Campuses
  • K-12, private and charter schools
  • High Schools

Cleanliness is not only critical to students and staff but also communicates a level of excellence and professionalism to parents.

Our dedicated staffs take pride in the cleanliness of your school and have done so for over 30 Years.




When you choose us as your shopping centre retail cleaning provider, we will create a cleaning plan that caters to the unique needs of your premises. We use the very latest, cutting-edge technology to improve effectiveness and efficiency both in the quality of the service delivered and the amount of time and labour saved.

Our shopping centre retail cleaning plans are designed to work behind-the-scenes to help give your retail space a clean, professional appearance that reflects well upon the merchandise on display, and gives your customers a retail experience they will enjoy.

Our shopping centre retail cleaning services always include:

  • Trained, uniformed and experienced cleaning staff
  • Our personal management system
  • Provision of all equipment/chemicals/insurances included in the price, with the option to also include consumables
  • An excellent approach to health & safety
  • Environmentally-aware working practices
  • Provision of washroom disposables
  • Sanitary disposal

Enjoy quality cleaning at an affordable price. Our shopping centre retail cleaning and retail store cleaning services are reliable and affordable. Talk to us today to discover how we can create a cleaning plan especially designed for your store or shopping centre.


government corporate cleaning


Our government corporate cleaning client base includes state and federal government departments and key infrastructure assets, who are assured that work undertaken on-site is conducted in the most sensitive and protective manner possible.

Glad Group cleaners are heavily trained in government corporate cleaning, and supported in Workplace Health and Safety practices. This ensures that all work is conducted within legislative and compliance requirements.

Glad Group not only provides regular government and corporate cleaning services, we can also provide hygiene consumables and ancillary facilities maintenance services through our group company investments. These services can be combined with specialist services as required, including carpet, tile and chair steam cleaning to rectify issues or maximise the longevity of your investment.

As such, we have the ability to provide a one stop integrated solution for your cleaning and maintenance needs.

For a proven cleaning service that is trusted by government departments, choose Glad Group. Contact Glad Group to discuss your government and corporate cleaning needs and receive a free, no-obligation quote.




Give your establishment the complete care and thorough sweep it deserves with the help of Glad Group Commercial Cleaning.

Glad Group is a dynamic and professional family-owned company that has been providing office and commercial cleaning services in Sydney and all its surrounds for the past 30 years. Over the years, we have excelled in delivering fuss-free maintenance and cleaning services in Sydney and across Australia that match our clients’ needs and requirements.

Glad Group provides a vast array of services to varied clientele—from businesses needing superior commercial cleaning, to establishments requiring skilled strata cleaners in Sydney.

All of the services we offer are at competitive prices.

We also have all the respective insurances in place and a team of competent office and cleaning employees performing the required tasks.

If you require any of our services or would like to receive an obligation-free quotation, feel free to get in touch with Glad Group commercial cleaning today – one of the most reliable and genuine office cleaning companies in Sydney and Australia.

Commercial Cleaning

RSPCA Cupcake Day


At Glad Group, we absolutely love our pets. That’s why on Monday 19th August, we took part in the annual RSPCA Cupcake Day, with a host of fun activities to raise dough to help fight animal cruelty!

Altogether we raised nearly $300!


Starting with our first ever cupcake decorating competition, head office staff competed for the best confectionery creation, with the winner receiving a gift voucher.

Here are some of our entries:


What’s more, we held a raffle, with an assortment of fabulous goodies up for grabs, including wonderful toys and treats for cats and dogs (plus some yummy human treats too).

We also asked all our staff to send their favourite photos of their gorgeous pets so we could make a collage of all our furry, scaly, and hairy friends at Glad:

Our Glad pets

Our Glad pets


All money raised went directly towards the RSPCA via our fundraising page.

What is the RSPCA Cupcake Day?

The RSPCA is an independent, non-government community-based charity providing animal care and protection services. They run 40 shelters and employ around 1,000 staff, delivering services which help improve the lives of Australian animals. Most of this money comes from public donations and fundraising initiatives, as well as business partnerships, grants and RSPCA patrons.

The annual cupcake day is a way for businesses and individuals to get involved and raise money towards their life changing work.

Visit our fundraising page to find out more and donate: