Why is regular maintenance important to the success of your commercial property?


When you’re on the property ladder with a commercial development, there’s so much more to think about than when you’re in the residential game.

The high standards that need to be kept might include complying with health and safety regulations, or it may just be your own high mark for how you want to deal with occupants. Whatever your needs for maintenance services, it’s important to not let things slip away from being controlled. If something needs tending to, but you can’t get to it for a few days, make sure it’s a priority when you do have the funds or time to get it sorted.

If you want to make sure you aren’t ever put in a position where maintenance becomes something of an emergency because the building hasn’t been monitored properly, Glad Group has a team of professionals that can make the whole process streamlined.

What’s so important about keeping a building looking good?

Because the occupancy of your commercial building relies on people actually wanting to lease a particular premises from you, there’s a call to really make sure people are attracted to it. This might come from how clean it is, the quality of the air circulating in the spaces or even the fact that there is no work that needs to be done.

Keeping an office space busy and occupied can be as simple as regular maintenance checks.Keeping an office space busy and occupied can be as simple as regular maintenance checks.

According to the American Management Group (AMG), hiring a company to manage the maintenance of a building is one of the best ways to keep on top of anything that arises. The key to maintenance is to be proactive, not reactive. If something major happens, it might be too late to fix the issue quickly and cheaply.When major repairs or maintenance have to be carried out in an office space, for example, it can be totally disruptive to the day-to-day operations of the lease holder. That’s not something people want to have to go through, and if there’s another option on the market that doesn’t appear as if major works will be regularly required, that may well be their first choice.

People are sent tasks and jobs as they arise and in order of priority when they’re in the field.

Glad Group has a sophisticated Job Management System that offers clients easy access to logging new work requests as maintenance issues arise and track the progress at any time. Glad can also work with clients to develop Preventative Maintenance Schedules to ensure the effective services of your building.

What types of maintenance might arise?

The AMG suggests that regular maintenance should be carried out on the roof of your commercial building, as well as light fixtures and hot water cylinders, among other areas.

A leak in the roof can be a major fix, but patching small cracks that start to appear or replacing entire sections are proactive steps to keeping operations open. Regular inspections might not find much wrong, but as soon as something needs maintenance, you’ll be glad you’re prepared.

The same goes for hot water cylinders and light fixtures. Cylinders can cause expensive damage if problems are left untreated. In the roof, light fixtures that are faulty can also harm electrical systems and things like insulation, so it’ll pay to keep on top of these.

Are the lights in your ceiling up to scratch?Are the lights in your ceiling up to scratch?

Property maintenance can help to keep rental yields high and potential for capital gains up as well. Without regular maintenance, it’s possible that a commercial building can fall into a state of disrepair and lose value. It might also be in the trap of being vacant for long periods of time while maintenance is carried out, which means loss of income.

Avoid these pitfalls of the property industry, and get in touch with Glad Group today to make sure the maintenance of your commercial building is looked after at all times.