Renovations can make a big difference to commercial property


Keeping your business fresh and relevant is about more than just keeping up with the latest trends, it’s also about making sure your premises are portraying the right impression. Renovations are a great way of doing just this and can complement the maintenance services you already receive.
A key feature of any well-designed office space is ergonomicsWhether you’re going through a complete rebrand or simply want a little pick-me-up for your commercial property, renovations could hold the key. The latest Renovations Roundup from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) suggests many people throughout Australia are doing just that, with activity levels in the sector up 4.4 per cent in 2015.

Creating the right first impression

A tired appearance can quite easily fall into the background during your day-to-day time in the office, but for those visiting your premises, it can have quite a different impact.

Potential and actual clients will notice if your offices are looking a little tired around the edges. First impressions can be particularly difficult to reverse, noted researchers from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

Although someone might be presented with facts about a person – or in this case, a place – it’s often hard for this to replace a person’s first impressions. It can take just a fraction of a second for an opinion to be formed, which is why you can’t afford to let your offices look anything short of the best.

Move with the times

Trends come and go at a seemingly impossible rate. The colour scheme and fit-out you chose 10 years ago might no longer be quite as attractive, which is another incentive to move renovations up your agenda.

We’re not suggesting that you should renovate twice a year as the latest colour fads are discussed, but being aware of what’s available can make a real difference. Dulux predicted that mustard, pink and purple would be adorning interior design lovers’ walls in 2016, and while this might give some food for thought, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow the crowd.


A key feature of any well-designed office space is ergonomics. While you might have given plenty of thought to how people would work and move around the area in the early days, have you kept up with this as more employees have been added to the mix?

Ensuring people have sufficient space around their workstations can make them more productive and happier, while also creating a much more effective use of the area.

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