Keeping clients assets safer is extremely important. No matter what sort of workplace you are managing, the employees’ health and safety is something that always has to be taken into consideration.

That’s why as a service company that works within the assets of our customers, we are taking the risk of coronavirus very seriously.

We have implemented measures in line with government and Safe Work Australia recommendations to manage the risks of exposure to COVID-19 when visiting our clients.

How do we keep your assets safe?

  • Maintaining a 1.5-2m physical distance at all times
  • Increased hygiene and sanitisation measures
  • Informative toolbox talks regarding social distancing with on-site teams
  • Online COVID-19 awareness modules via our Learning Management Software, Glad Academy
  • Introducing a COVID-19 policy to all staff
  • All technicians have been issues with appropriate PPE including masks and disposable gloves
  • Cleaning down surfaces with disinfectant before and after work using Aeris Active™

Regular documented Toolbox Talks meetings are held with all relevant electrical and maintenance technicians to address COVID-19. Topics covered include social distancing, best practice for safe hand hygiene and COVID-19 awareness.

Glad Group utilises Aeris Active™, a broad-spectrum disinfectant with outstanding residual biocidal activity, developed initially for medical facilities. Aeris Active™ is compliant to current SafeWork health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Aeris Active™ can kill all microorganisms, leaving surfaces hygienically clean. The main reason for using Aeris Active™ is its post application efficiency, protecting hard surfaces for up to 7 days, or 200 touches.

Our coronavirus protocols have been implemented to keep our our clients assets safer. Avoid the risk of contamination at your site and get in touch with Glad Group today.

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