The Leadership Team

Years of

Glad Group could not be where it is today without the knowledge, hard work and dedication of the Leadership Team. Together they have combined industry experience of over 200 years.

Nick Iloski
Executive Chairman

Nick Iloski is the Executive Chairman of the Glad Group. Having built the Glad Group from the ground up through dedication, persistence and a talent for business, Nick has managed to transform a solo operation into a fully integrated group of companies with national reach. Nick has successfully cultivated positive and lasting relationships with his customers built on trust and integrity and fostered long term loyalty and dedication amongst employees. Nick’s ability to address business challenges collaboratively has been crucial to the success and growth of the business.

Lucy Iloski

Co-founder of the Glad Group, Lucy worked her way up through the ranks while helping to build the company. In the early days of the company, Lucy was instrumental in the establishment and development of the business, setting up essential business frameworks and processes. This allowed Glad Group to grow organically with scalable, appropriate methodologies and proper regulation. Lucy is now a member of the Glad Group Board of Directors and is actively involved in shaping the future of the company.

Steve Iloski
Executive Director

As Glad Group’s Executive Director, Steve is committed to leading Glad Group forward, positioning the company as an innovative and trusted partner of choice for Australia and New Zealand property owners. Understanding the key challenges and value-drivers of the property industry, Steve works closely with customers to deliver tailored service solutions. Steve ensures Glad Group always deliver the right people for the right job, with the right skills at the right price. Steve’s insights into security industry trends and his vision of the future ensure Glad Group remains dynamic, flexible, and ready to respond to evolving service conditions. He has a profound understanding of property needs in large organisations and adopts a customer-centric approach to service delivery.

Christopher Errington
Chief Operating Officer

Christopher brings with him more than 20 years’ experience in the Australian property sector. Christopher demonstrates extensive leadership, operational management, corporate procurement, and strategic service contract experience. As part of Glad Group’s Executive Leadership Team, Christopher oversees and works closely with all departments to deliver on Glad Group’s vision to be Australia and New Zealand’s trusted and leading authority on integrated services. His approach is strategic and adaptive, drawing on his experience to find greater efficiencies and innovations throughout all aspects of the company.

Neranje Dunuwille
Head of Property Services

Neranje brings 20 years of industry experience in facility services across commercial, retail, government, and education sectors. Known for his transparency, integrity, and strong industry knowledge, Neranje consistently identifies opportunities for customer value, and delivers the highest standard of operational and service delivery. His approach to collaborative partnerships – both with customers and front-line service teams – helps Glad Group achieve operational excellence in all service divisions. Neranje connects with our customers and our people as true partners, working together to ensure best-in-class operations, delivering on Glad Group’s values and service promise.

Chris Atherton
Head of Risk & Compliance

Chris brings 12 years of risk management in multiple industries including retail and financial services to Glad Group. Chris works in collaboration with the Risk & Compliance and Technology teams to achieve company objectives. Chris also works with our customers to understand their needs to deliver best-in-class frameworks for our industry.
Chris specialises in compliance and risk management strategies, focusing on incidents management and risk and control monitoring practices.

Linden Davidson
Head of Strategic Growth

Linden is Glad Group’s Head of Strategic Growth, overseeing business development, marketing and the joint venture with Glad Indigenous. Linden brings a wealth of knowledge in both development and delivery of high-end service experience across multiple industries. With over 20 years working with some of Australia’s leading premium service brands, Linden ensures Glad Group operations maintain a customer-first focus. He and his team are responsible for the start-to-end customer journey, ensuring that Glad Group’s customers have the highest satisfaction and experience with our people and services.

Ivana Iloski
Head of People & Culture

Ivana has 14 years of experience in various departments of the business, having worked in compliance, marketing, communications and now People & Culture. Her exceptional people skills and great success, saw her progress quickly into the role of Head of People & Culture. Ivana now utilises her passion to drive workplace diversity, employee engagement, reward and recognition, talent recruitment and succession planning. Ivana and her team are responsible for the recruitment, onboarding, training, professional development and career progression of the Glad Group workforce.

Bianca Yardley
Head of Finance

Bianca has over 15 years’ experience in managing business financials, strategic planning, reporting, and the leadership of Accounts and Finance teams. Bianca has an exceptional eye for detail and is responsible for overseeing all financial reporting, budgets, forecasts across all business divisions. Working with Glad Executive stakeholders, she ensures all financial targets are met and Glad Group complies with all current financial and statutory regulations. She provides broader guidance to the company’s managers and executive teams to enable them to achieve their strategic and financial objectives.