Technology and Innovation

Glad Group embraces technology and innovation as a way to increase efficiency, improve quality, minimise risk and increase customer satisfaction in the delivery of our integrated property solutions.
We have established a specialised Innovation and Technology Leadership Group which involves business operatives, specialist consultants and external parties who continuously explore innovative

tailored solutions and technologies to ensure that we always providing cutting edge high end services to current and prospective clients.
We strongly believe that innovation is a key motivator for staff and having everyone in a position where they have access to the best quality equipment, new technology and best practices allows Glad to provide the highest quality services.


Glad is continuously evaluating available equipment solutions to enhance service delivery across our managed sites. We look to achieve cost-efficiencies to time and labour utilisation, as well as improve the quality of the services we provide. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we are always across all the latest equipment and materials available.
All our equipment is immaculately maintained, with service requirements and replacement dates closely tracked. Training of routine daily maintenance is conducted for all operators and regular audits are undertaken which include a check of routine scheduled maintenance and quality of equipment upkeep.

Customer Centric Program

At Glad, we understand the importance of creating lasting and positive customer relationships. All of our cleaning, security, maintenance and concierge teams are seamlessly integrated into the customer experience vision of our clients. This is why all our personnel are trained in the delivery of professional and elevated customer service – through our Customer Centric Program. This industry-leading program is founded on comprehensive service standards that are global best-practice, customer inspired and contemporary. As a result, our teams are highly engaged and attentive to client needs – building unparalleled rapport and trust with both customers and visitors.