International Women’s Day is observed and celebrated around the world on the 8th of March. It’s a day for everyone to join in voice and action for a gender-equal world. This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge – a challenged world is an alert world and from that comes real change. We can all choose to challenge, calling out gender bias and celebrating women’s achievements.

Glad Group is making great progress on many aspects of gender equality. There is a deep commitment from the Senior Executive Team to consistently work at achieving gender balance. Currently, 45% of leadership roles within Glad Group are held by women. They are driving positive change within the company and we invite you to get to know them.

On Monday, we introduced Ivana and Bianca, on Wednesday it was Nina and Chanel’s turns, and today we are putting the spotlight on Stanojka and Tracy!


Meet Stanojka Basic, State Manager, Cleaning, QLD

Stanojka BasicStanojka is Glad Group’s State Manager in QLD. She has been working at Glad Group since 2010 and has surrounded herself with a very talented team of women that keep Brisbane spotless one floor at a time.

Stanojka said “I remember when I first started in the industry I worked very hard to get a step ahead. I was fortunate to have both male and female managers that encouraged me to keep going. When I arrived at Glad Group I was afforded the opportunity to build a team that evolved into a talented team of women operating on the philosophy of women supporting women.”

I am excited and encouraged at the changes that have occurred across our industry over the last 10 years. Females are holding more management roles and there is a level of respect and dedication. Women need to support each other, be open and not afraid to speak up because that is how change occurs.”


Meet Tracy Kalphas, State Manager, WA

Tracy KalphasTracy is Glad Group’s State Manager in WA and she has been working for Glad Group since 2015. She runs her state like a well-oiled machine and she treats her teams like her family. Always on the go visiting sites 100s of kilometres away or catching up with clients, she is a force to be reckoned with. Tracy has been in the industry for over 25 years and one of things that she is the proudest is the mentoring she has provided to women around her. Tracy’s approach is to always empower by giving advice and giving opportunity to learn new skills. She is a believer in ensuring the right person is in the right position.

“I have seen remarkable change across the industry and in Glad Group over the past few years. I truly believe that women are natural leaders, we pay attention and bring a different perspective and that is one way we are driving change in Glad Group”.


Stay tuned for more information on our Gender Diversity objectives and contact us at [email protected] if you have a question for us!