As humans spend much of their waking life at work, understanding how wellbeing is fostered in the workplace can make an important contribution to productivity.

Glad Group has one of the largest amount of feet on the ground in Australia, with over 2500+ employees, who manage over 400 assets both in the commercial and retail sector.

For most of our employees, their workday includes physically demanding tasks that require a lot of movement and even heavy lifting.

At Glad Group, we believe that too often companies overlook the influence that social interactions have on employees. In fact, research shows that employees who have ‘excellent social wellness’ actually yield higher productivity at work than individuals with ‘poor social wellness’.

So what is social wellness and how does it impact employee wellbeing?

Social wellness means having a work-life balance and positive interactions with others, both inside and outside of the work environment because it is an important dimension that contributes to an individual overall state of wellbeing, and ultimately has a large impact on an employee’s overall wellbeing.

How does the Glad Group improve social wellness?

Here are six ways we foster a positive work environment so our people can develop social wellness:

  1. We make it easy for employees to talk to each other;
  2. We encourage team collaboration on projects;
  3. We make it easy for employees to feel good about themselves;
  4. We help new employees integrate;
  5. We create a culture of care;
  6. Lastly, we practice social skills.

By creating an environment that embraces and promotes social interactions, we are able to actually stimulate productivity. This also included our open plan offices, informal meeting spaces and social company events that Glad Group uses to create a more social work environment.

At the end of 2019, Glad Group launched TRIIBE, our very own employee engagement platform, to emphasize that we place employee wellbeing at the centre of our business activity.

The wellbeing centre, which is one of the features of our employee engagement platform, is accessible to all employees, wherever they work!

Acting as our dedicated place for all things wellbeing, it showcases three main categories:

  1. MOVE – Quite literally, this segment encourages employees to move and get active!
  2. MUNCH – Access to tasty and healthy recipes for the entire family!
  3. MIND – A collection of tips and tools to improve overall wellbeing!

Glad Group aims to create optimal conditions for employee wellbeing that have a positive impact on their productivity and of course client interactions.