Being environmentally aware has its benefits.

How important is it for businesses to be environmentally friendly?

Businesses that can not only market themselves as green, but also live up to their claims, could find they stand head and shoulders above their competitors. That's because people are becoming more aware not only of the products and services they buy, but also who they're buying them from.

A survey from Nielsen found that 55 per cent of online consumers across the world would be prepared to pay more for goods and services that have a positive impact. Interestingly, the figures were strongest in the Asia-Pacific region, where 64 per cent said this would influence their buying decisions.

Nielsen found that people between the ages of 21 and 34 are most responsive to sustainability actions.

If your business hasn't already considered enlisting environmental services and the benefits they can bring, then this could be a time to see exactly what's on offer.

Advantages of environmentally-friendly businesses

The Queensland government is among the bodies that's made calls for more companies to showcase an environmental awareness. It stressed that promoting green methods can encourage new customers, while also helping to keep staff on board.

The government stated that any company that is less reliant on natural resources will be better placed than its competitors to deal with rising costs resulting from climate change. This can help to future-proof operations and improve the longevity of your business venture.

Knowing your audience

Being aware of your company's demographic can also have a significant bearing on what it means to be environmentally friendly. Nielsen found that people between the ages of 21 and 34 are most responsive to sustainability actions, representing 51 per cent of those who would pay more for eco-conscious products.

In the Asia-Pacific region in particular, there's a large gap between older and younger generations. Sustainability is around 12 times more positive to someone aged 35 to 49 than it is to consumers over the age of 50.

Environmental awareness can stand businesses in good stead.Environmental awareness can stand businesses in good stead.

Preparing for what lies ahead

In recent weeks, the first Australian Infrastructure Plan was laid out with the intention of making the nation's cities more resilient. It outlines the challenges that will be faced over the next 15 years and what can be done to make the country's urban centres more liveable and resilient.

Companies are likely to be under more pressure than ever to adopt environmental solutions, which will play an ever increasing role in making sure cities can remain sustainable. The main challenge the country faces is making sure a higher standard of living can be accommodated – and this is something business owners can aspire to.