Diversity and inclusion


Diversity and inclusion is something Glad Group is passionate about. We are proud of our multicultural workforce and the contributions of employees who have joined us from across the globe.

We want to lead as a beacon for diversity and embrace our cultural differences in the workplace. Many of our employees bring with them a wealth of cultural knowledge from countries around the world. Their stories, cultural foods and differences are what makes Glad Group an exciting and diverse place of work.

Diversity & Inclusion: Our employee online survey

We recently conducted an employee survey to learn how well our people feel we are fostering workplace diversity and inclusion. We’re thrilled to see so many positive comments and ideas. We also discovered a strong sense that we are ‘One team, One community’, a core value of Glad Group.

From these results, we’ve come up with new, fun and engaging activities and educational training. Here are a few we have decided to adopt:

  • Culture Day — From the online survey that was conducted, 60 per cent of our people were born overseas, from 25 different countries and speaking over 20 different languages. As a result, Glad Group has decided to celebrate a different culture each month. Through food, cultural practices and languages, we invite our employees to speak up and be proud of their culture and share this in the workplace.
  • Cultural naming of our meeting rooms — We are on a mission to meaningfully rename all of our head office meeting rooms. We want our employees to help us come up with these names, to reflect the diversity and cultural acknowledgment.
  • Glad Academy (Our learning management system) — We have enabled our ‘Diversity & Inclusion Toolbox Talk’ for managers. We aim to increase understanding amongst our employees of what this means and potential barriers to be mindful of. In addition to this, we are developing a Toolbox Talk to increase awareness of unconscious bias.

Glad Group continues to identify new ways for cultural diversity and inclusion and is proud to have such a diverse and supportive workplace. We will continue on this journey as we endeavour to learn more about the importance of creating a workplace culture that embraces our differences.

Image created by Freepik: www.freepik.com