Customer-satisfaction is the very definition of what a concierge is owed to ensure. As literally the face of your company, our concierge services make sure to regularly interact with customers, whilst deepening knowledge of them to attend in the most bespoke ways.

As part of #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay, we ask you to question yourself, who is talking to my customers, who is the face of my company? Who acts on behalf of the organisation and more importantly, how do they interact, are they projecting the best possible first impression?

Concierge services have been around for many years, and commonly found in buildings or hotel lobbies. But as time evolved, the benefits of concierge services were even realised in the corporate world. They have become an industry in themselves, and business avail these services not just for general support in day to day routine work, but also offer them as part of their benefits package and incentive programs. This has served to alleviate pressure on employees, whose tasks and working hours have multiplied considerably.

A corporate concierge helps in establishing efficient team and work relates processes. As a result of this, companies or organisations can boast of better time management and optimal utilisation of their resources. In the large scheme of things, a corporate concierge can be of service to management, employees as well as clients, thus making it possible for a business to be productive and results oriented, and boost their profitability.

Glad Concierge is a convenient and professional service that takes a fresh approach to the traditional role of a concierge. We provide a service platform that presents a real point of difference within traditional commercial space, while going above and beyond what our customers expect.

We deliver an adaptive and dynamic service platform designed to support tenant engagement and retention, making business for your clients much more convenient. Glad Concierge is globally inspired and integrated seamlessly into the customer service and experience vision of our clients.

Do you want to learn how an experienced concierge service provider can change the face of you business? In short, our corporate concierge services go above and beyond in the assistance they offer in practically every aspect of our employee’s professional as well as personal life.

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