How many services does Glad Group offer?


No matter what your needs for cleaning, maintenance, security and concierge services in Australia, Glad Group is on hand to deliver at the highest level. There are a few extra tools in the Glad arsenal, however, and it really sets them apart as the perfect one-stop shop for all of your organisation’s facility management and security personnel needs.

So, what does Glad offer?

1) NCC

The National Communications Centre (NCC) at Glad Group has aided so many of Glad’s clients with the efficiency it provides. Everything is based in one place, from CCTV monitoring to helpdesk facilities – the fact that there is an NCC helps to streamline the tasks needed by many of Glad’s clients around the country.

2) GPS tracking

Using technology keeps Glad Group up-to-date, and often ahead, of its competitors. Using global positioning systems (GPS) as a way to track vehicles and employees helps to create a safe working environment that also reduces downtime and keeps scheduling efficient by using location data.

According to My Business Australia, GPS tracking can also help to highlight when business vehicles are being used inappropriately, which can be a great way to keep cars and trucks in pristine condition for work purposes.

GPS is also a way to keep your business at the forefront of technological breakthroughs. When there are advances in this field, if you’ve already got systems in place, it will be far easier to adapt them and keep up-to-date with the latest scientific development. That’s what every business owner should be aiming for.

Make sure your vehicles are always safe with GPS tracking.Make sure your vehicles are always safe with GPS tracking.

3) Alarm monitoring

There are times when a business may experience a breach of security. It might be while the building is closed and there is a break-in, or an unknown cause that requires investigating.

According to CNET, residential rental units are burglarised more often than any other type of building. You might be running a commercial business, but it’s still at risk of theft.

Monitored straight from the NCC, alarms that are triggered will be instantly seen on-screen, and if CCTV surveillance is available, the surrounding area can be visualised quickly. From then, protocol is followed and local security teams and even police can be alerted, thus helping to protect your assets.

4) Floral services and meeting room bookings

According to the Western Australian Career Centre, a concierge is in place to ensure the needs of tenants or guests at a commercial building are taken care of. It could be anything from booking a taxi to sorting out some laundry, but with professional concierge services at Glad Group, your guests will be well looked after.

For example, when you have an important meeting to prepare for, you don’t want to have to go through the whole palaver of finding the right room, checking the schedule and then creating a welcoming environment for your guests or other employees. Instead, you’ll be wanting to focus more on getting the content of the meeting right and keeping everyone informed to the best of your ability.

Handing over the reins of booking these rooms and making them appealing to guests will help drastically. Glad Group can schedule bookings and reservations, while also making sure there’s always a lovely bunch of flowers or a beautiful arrangement waiting in the room when people arrive.

Would your meeting room benefit from some beautiful flower arrangements?Would your meeting room benefit from some beautiful flower arrangements?

It might be a Valentine’s Day bunch of roses or a Christmas wreath, but flowers will help to keep a mood relaxed and bring more attention to your meeting. People will always appreciate a light touch of decoration in an otherwise stale and sterile meeting room. Flowers are an inviting way to make people feel at home, so ensuring there’s always a floral option in your booked meeting space will keep attendees engaged.

Glad Group can do all of these things and more – talk to our friendly team today.