Young people Hungry 4 Success®

Glad Group recently partnered with Glen Park Community Centre and Eastland Shopping Centre to deliver a Hungry 4 Success® employment information session. The session intended to prepare young people for work in the areas of hospitality, cleaning, security, guest services and maintenance.

The session was held in early May at Eastland Shopping Centre in a dedicated and collaborative space. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their field of interest.  A dedicated Hungry 4 Success® Training Program Facilitator hosted the session, with assistance from Glad Group management who provided guidance and leadership.

Glad Group’s Integrated Services Manager for Eastland Shopping Centre, Michael Joyner, said the day was successful in helping develop the students’ confidence.

“It was our first trial and we got great feedback from both students and management,” Mr Joyner said.

“The information session really resonated with the young people. They asked a lot of questions and sought further information throughout the duration of it.

“It’s a confidence builder to help set them up for the workforce. Some of these students have never been employed, had a job interview or filled out an employment pack.

“We focused on mentoring and provided them with workplace expectations and hypothetical interview scenarios for them to practice — it was a great way to get them out of their comfort zone,” he said.

Glad Group’s State Manager (VIC, SA & TAS), Shavi Gajaweera, said the session helped to build the students understanding of employment opportunities in the services industry.

“It was a fantastic day and we were able to make a real impact on the students,” Mr Gajaweera said.

“They really enjoyed learning about Glad Group and the type of services we provide and understanding what we look for in our employees.

“We taught them about the roles we fulfil and how the managers in the room all started out as cleaners, security or maintenance on casual or part-time.

“We explained to them that it’s ok to start off employment without knowing everything, you get training and we can help them along that journey,” he said.

Successful learners were given the opportunity to gain field experience with a supervisor for day-to-day operations in one of Glad Group’s services areas.

If you are interested or know of anyone who is interested in attending the next session, please contact Fadi Nissan, Glad Group Service Delivery Manager – Eastland, on 0431 610 422 for more information.

Please note – to be eligible to apply for a role with Glad Group you must be over 18, provide a current police check and, in the case of Security, must have a security licence.

Young people Hungry 4 Success®