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Over the past 13 years, our very own General Manager – VIC, SA & TAS, Shavi Gajaweera, has donated his blood to the Australian Red Cross 17 times! A true exemplar, he recently pushed his commitment further by putting together a Glad Group Lifeblood Team.

About Shavi Gajaweera

Shavi Gajaweera blood donationShavi has over 16 years’ management experience within the property services industry and is highly regarded in this space. He brings to Glad Group an exceptional operational background, overseeing large operational portfolios within the commercial and retail sectors. Shavi also supports the implementation and development of our cleaning operations in New Zealand.

Shavi is a real team leader who is committed to providing direction, guidance, leadership, and recognition to his teams. He also has a proven ability to deliver an exceptional standard of customer service to Glad Group’s valued customers in Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania.

More than that, Shavi is an exceptional role model and human being. We met Shavi for a Q&A to find out more about his commitment!


What drew you to becoming a blood donor 13 years ago?

I am grateful to have such an amazing life. I always thought donating blood is a selfless act, and a great way to give back. I initially started to donate as a way to appreciate my mother on her birthday. I would take a photo of myself donating blood and send it to her, and continue to donate around my mother’s birthday (which is in June).


Can you tell us what is the Glad Group Lifeblood Team?

The Glad Group Lifeblood Team was created to bring awareness to donating blood. I believe many want to give back but don’t get an opportunity; and what better way to do it than register via Australian Glad Group Lifeblood.


What advice would you give to someone who might be scared of donating their blood (fear of needles or feeling nervous…)?

It’s important to remember that people who receive blood have needles and many of them are scared of needles too! Your donation could help them get through a tough time – or even save their life. The rewards are worth it. Your courage could change someone’s life!


Anything else you would like to add?

Leaders can do far more than just make their own behaviour more ethical. Because we are responsible for the decisions of others as well as our own, we can dramatically multiply the amount of good we do by encouraging others to do better. I am hoping to influence my colleagues with the norms we set and create. People follow the behaviour of others, particularly those in positions of power and status.


Thank you so much to Shavi! If you feel inspired by his story, contact us here to see how we can support your property needs.