Part 1 – Working as ‘One team, one community’ to achieve customer excellence

Glad Group’s ethos is built on the human values of trust, respect, integrity and innovation. The people we employ and the customers we work with align with these values. Above all, we work as ‘one team, one community’ to achieve customer excellence and provide exceptional outcomes every day.

‘One team, one community’ talks to each of us working together not just as a team, but as members of a broader workplace community. A community of customers, colleagues, property management, visitors and guests. By working as ‘one team, one community’ we are much more than the role we perform, we become something greater: custodians of customer care, security and well-being.

For Part 1 of this blog, we spoke to our security teams who work at premium commercial assets in Queensland and Victoria to find out what inspires them to do their best every day, what skills they believe are necessary to have ‘on the job’, and what customer service excellence they have received working as a team.

Vibrant business hub, Brisbane

Jatish Arora, Security Manager

We feel inspired through appreciation and involvement from the leadership team on-site and the client. We see ourselves as one team, valuing each other’s input which encourages all of us to go above and beyond.

Our secret talent is great customer service, we are always striving to go the extra mile and we also have the ability to work together as a team, ensuring we all contribute in a positive way every day. Excellent customer service skills, along with optimum site knowledge to be able to successfully deliver the service required.

Customer Excellence

There has been lots of feedback since my time here. Some of my favourites are listed below but the list could be so much longer!

  1. The Queensland Ambulance Service acknowledged the team for how well incidents are managed before they arrive on site. When they do arrive, they are given assistance with directions to the location of the incident to ensure care is given as quickly as possible.
  2. We’ve also recently received positive feedback regarding the annual IPRA compliance audit in which day staff play a crucial role.
  3. Across the team, we have won over 50 individual People First Awards and three team awards which shows how dedicated the team is and their high standard of performance.

A-grade commercial precinct, Melbourne

George Narsa, Site Manager

We are inspired by the culture that we have created here that is based on respect. We want to do our best for each other every day.

Customer service is one of the most important skills in our industry. Knowing how to talk to someone and treating them with the utmost respect, not only helps one with customer relationships but will help de-escalate serious situations.

Customer Excellence

Our clients and customers are very appreciative of the team for the hard work they deliver every day. There have been countless times when our client has recognised our team members for their quality customer service and professionalism. They are truly an award-winning team and I believe the achievements are a reflection of their performance.


Look out for next week, where we will share Part 2 of our blog, where we will be speaking to two of our teams in New South Wales. In the meantime, if you have any good stories of customer service excellence, email us at [email protected].