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“We are very proud to be a part of this inspiring program that is truly changing lives for the better with two candidates working currently on site with another to start shortly”, said James Carlile – Chief Operating Officer.

Marist180 strives to create positive life changes for those most vulnerable in our communities by delivering a range of life skills programs for at risk young people, their families, those experiencing mental issues and refugees.

We’re excited to announce through our association with Marist180, we are currently working with the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Both are not for profit organisations that assist people wishing to transition into the workforce, giving them employment opportunities to work, earn an income and build their self-confidence through independence in the community.

Working closely with the Coordinator for the Transition to Work Program at Brotherhood of St Laurence, we have outlined the responsibilities of potential roles at Glad Group, potential training benefits and discussed the associated positive impact as working as part of a team for candidates. With the right framework in place we work with the candidate and arrange a site visit with their case manager.

At the site visit they get a comprehensive and detailed tour, walking all areas of the site including back of house, car parks, parents rooms, toilets and so on. They are shown how staff prepare for the day and some of the WHS aspects that need to be followed. The tour finishes at the site office, where they are fully briefed on the role and systems we use. This way they can make a truly informed decision as to whether they would like to join the Glad Family.

“We currently have two candidates that have come through the program working as part of the team at Roxburgh Park Shopping Centre and another about to start shortly, so the initiative is proving very successful for both Glad and the organisations we partner with”, said Matthew Ford – Client Services Manager, VIC.

Glad has a variety of roles that can be offered to suitable candidates, such as a Security Officer responsible for patrolling the local shopping centre, or a cleaning team member that takes pride making the food court sparkling clean for the enjoyment of visitors. But it’s the ongoing training that’s invaluable, with a focus on Customer Service skills candidates are trained across all areas of the site, and work where the operational needs are at any given time. This may be doing a scheduled amenities check, cleaning up a drink that has been spilt on the floor or helping a lost child find Mum – the day is always full of variety and can be very rewarding.

Once employment has started Glad provides constant support to ensure Brotherhood of St Laurence colleagues have, and are always getting, the tools and knowledge they need to be successful.