Message from CEO and Managing Director
Nick Iloski

Each year during September, R U OK? promotes a national day of action. It is a poignant reminder of what we can do and how caring for our colleagues, family, friends, and community is vital for physical and mental wellbeing.

The role our mental health plays is incredibly important, especially in times like these. Coronavirus serves as an inflection point for all of us, raising questions about how we operate, how we communicate and how we socialise. This year has been unprecedented, bringing many challenges and uncertainties into our lives.

These are challenging times for everyone. In reflecting on this year, I know it is essential we stay connected with each other – our families, friends, and colleagues. Even more important, for those who are able, we need to support those around us as we recognise that though the challenges we face are shared, the personal impacts vary a very great deal for individuals. This is an important time to reach out and check with the people around us, asking ‘R U OK?’.

I want to highlight the significance of R U OK? DAY 2020, and to showcase the alignment of Glad Group’s company values that are extremely important to me.

Our company values are very human – they were created to foster an internal culture that empowers humanity and support across all levels of the Glad Group.

When asking “R U OK?” to someone, you are gaining their Trust.
When they provide you a response, by listening, you are showing them Respect.
With the greatest amount of Integrity, you protect the information heard.
Moreover, as you work together as one team, one community you are able to Innovate.

I am passionate about this organisation, so that each day you come to work feeling appreciated, cared for and valued.

To help me on this journey, I have been working closely with the right leaders, the right mentors, and the right colleagues to bring us all together. I have done this because I truly believe that the strength of our organisation is not measured by the jobs we do, but rather by the humanity we share.

Please take the time to check-in with each other, as part of the #GladFamily. We all have a responsibility to look after each other. To each of you I ask: R U OK?

As always, I thank you for your hard work and commitment to the Glad Family. Stay safe. Stay well.

Nick Iloski
CEO and Managing Director