Every morning I come to work and I’m greeted with a handshake and “how are you today”, by Glad Group’s Founder and CEO, Nick Iloski. He doesn’t just do this for me he welcomes everyone that works in the office, and if he’s visiting a site, he does the same.

I don’t think that I’ve experienced that level of connection with an executive leader at any other organisation I’ve worked. But that’s the way of Glad, everyone’s door is open.

For me, I consider myself fortunate to work in an organisation that really gets to know their people and supports them when life gets complicated. Over the last 6 months my family has gone through some really challenging situations. There were lots and lots of tears.  I recall one moment as I sat with tissue in hand, talking with my manager, classing myself as a high maintenance employee. The response I received was “we are a family, and if we can’t help each other through tough times, who can we help?”

Just knowing that made all the difference for me. I didn’t have to stress about work and if I needed to come in late, go home early or take some time off, they had my back for which I’m very grateful.

My story is just one of many.  We spend so much of our time at work so being part of an organisation that sees you as more than just an employee makes coming to work easy and a happy place to be.

This year Glad Group celebrates its’ 30th Anniversary. We are a strong workforce of over 2,500 that service many of Australia’s leading property groups, providing cleaning, security, concierge and maintenance services.  We do this as a family, supporting each other every step of the way.

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Author: Michelle, Marketing Coordinator