Diversity and inclusion


As part of Glad Group’ strategic direction for sustainability initiatives ‘A force for good’, we aim to support the development of better people and communities, become a better business and find solutions for a better planet.

To support the first pillar of this strategy — better people and communities — in June 2021, we invited Glad Group employees to have their say on how Glad Group is fostering workplace diversity and inclusion via an online survey. We thank those who took the time to have their say.

A force for good

What our employees told us

In analysing the survey, we were overwhelmed by the number of positive comments and suggestions that were shared. It was clear in the responses that there is a strong sense Glad Group works as ‘one team, one community’, amongst the diverse backgrounds. There was also a reoccurring theme of wanting to connect through different cultural events, especially through food and sharing stories.

Conclusive of the survey, we know there is always more that can be done to support diversity and inclusion in our workplace. We have made it our priority to continue to promote diversity and inclusion drawing on the feedback and suggestions we received in the survey.


So, what happens next…

From the feedback we received, we have developed some fun activities and educational training, so we can all learn more about the importance of creating a workplace culture that embraces our differences.

  • Culture Day – Celebrating a different culture every month; from food, cultural practices, and language – like teaching each other to say hello!
  • Cultural naming of our meeting rooms – Over the past two months, we have renamed all our meeting rooms with meaningful and diverse words, something we’re very proud of!
  • Training – A Diversity & Inclusion toolbox talk for all Managers has been distributed and is designed to increase understanding of what this means and potential barriers to be mindful of. We are also developing a toolbox talk to increase awareness of unconscious bias for everyone.

We aim to support the development of better people and communities.

If you’d like to share some ideas around diversity and inclusion, message us here!