How can cleaning services help you to keep air clean and healthy?


A person’s workplace is somewhere they spend a long time in every single week.¬†Sure, the home is where the bulk of the hours is taken up, but for many of those, you’re probably asleep and unaware of the air conditions.

That’s why controlling the environment in a workplace and ensuring it stays clean and healthy is so important.

The environmental solutions that Glad Group offers in cleaning and property maintenance will help your commercial building to be a healthy, happy place for people to work. That won’t only boost occupancy, but will also help to make your tenants more agreeable.

Why is air control so vital at work?

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are a large number of people who could be affected by poor quality air. These include anyone with a respiratory disease, including asthmatics, and those who wear contact lenses.

Having clean air can help to keep occupants healthy and happy.Having clean air can help to keep occupants healthy and happy.

Breathing in unhealthy air with pollutants from unclean surfaces, for example, will harm breathing passages and the lungs, which can lead to discomfort in the workplace. Further, if there are particles floating around that would otherwise have been dealt with by a professional team of cleaners, people with contact lenses can be affected and it can be irritable to their eyes.

Making sure you are doing your part in a commercial building to keep occupants healthy and comfortable is vitally important to the growing of your reputation as a responsible owner. There are some easy ways to make sure the air inside a workplace is clean, too.

How can a building’s air be made safer?

Kitchens in particular can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Aside from cleaning, there are some quick fixes that can be made to ensure the safety of all occupants in a building. The EPA states that air vents or grilles shouldn’t be blocked at all to allow for a ventilation system to actually work, any office plants should be maintained correctly to ensure pollens don’t start coming off and decay doesn’t bring with it bad smells and insects, while food and garbage should be stored and disposed of regularly.

Kitchens in particular can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If food is kept in a fridge for too long and expires, it can start to smell dreadful for one thing, but also spread germs to other items around the cooking and eating space.

There are some simple fixes to ensure air quality is always kept at optimal levels, and having a professional cleaning service regularly going through your building is a huge leap toward that.

Glad Group has years of experience in this area, so get in touch today to talk more about what can be done in your commercial building.