You never know what’s going to happen when you start your next shift at work. For Kerry Thomas and Gregory Phillips at Caboolture Shopping Centre, their shift on 5 February is one they will never forget.
A fire broke out in the ladies section of K-Mart, which quickly spread, resulting in smoke barrelling through the store and the centre. Fortunately, at the initial outbreak, Glad Cleaner Greg and an on duty security guard were passing the store as part of their regular mall rotations. Realising the danger they quickly raised the alarm – even before the centre fire alarm system activated.
After the fire brigade arrived and gave the all-clear, the centre returned to normal trading, except for K-Mart. The quick thinking actions of Greg and the rest of the Glad Team ensured that no one was hurt and the damage to the centre was minimal.
Centre Management were extremely grateful for the early detection of such a serious matter. Charter Hall’s Operations Manager Andrew Head expressed “a great thank you to the whole team, who acted throughout with a professional and calm attitude; and especially for their early identification of such a serious incident”.

Well done Kerry and Gregory! Your actions were above and beyond.

From left to right: James Carlile – Director – Commercial Services, Polly Lamond – Centre Manager Charter Hall, Kerry Thomas – Cleaner, Andrew Head – Operation Manager Charter Hall, Gregory Phillips – Cleaner, Aleica Wales – Site Supervisor Glad Group, Bojana Krajnovic – CSM