Here are a few ideas for making an eco-friendly business.


Being eco-conscious is a hot topic in Australia – quite literally. For one thing, the hole in the ozone layer immediately above us is making global warming a more pressing issue.

Australian Policy Online (APO) found that 2015 was the hottest year ever recorded globally, trumping the previous record – from 2014. It was the 39th consecutive year with above-average temperatures, and in Australia, nine of the 12 months were higher than the norm.

That’s not the end of these mind-bending statistics: All of the world’s 10 warmest years have occurred since 1998, and, as APO puts it, “no one aged under 40 has lived in a year with global average temperatures at or below the global 20th century average”.

Why businesses should care

Climate change is found to cause more bushfires, exacerbates water shortages and is destroying parts of our incredible Great Barrier Reef. It’s no wonder people really care about it.

53 per cent of people would prefer to buy from a company with an eco-friendly reputation.

According to research from Tandberg, and published by Environmental Leader, 53 per cent of people would prefer to buy from a company with an eco-friendly reputation, and eight in 10 workers would rather work for one. Tandberg’s CEO, Fredrik Halvorsen, explains:

“The findings clearly suggest a relationship between a company’s environmental reputation and its brand value,” he began.

“In addition to the ethical reasons for ‘going green’, there is a tremendous incentive for companies across the globe to focus efforts on environmental responsibility to attract customers, recruit and retain strong talent, and positively affect their external brand perception.”

The real question is: How can your business be greener? Here are three eco-friendly tips from Glad Group:

Businesses can make a big, eco-friendly impact over their lifespan.Businesses can make a big, eco-friendly impact over their lifespan.

1) Use the right eco cleaning products

The wrong cleaning products can be caustic for the environment, and offer no extra scrubbing power than green alternatives. That’s why you should opt for eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t rely on toxic chemicals and are dangerous to both humans and environmental health.

When you’re in the market for cleaning services for your property, make sure your provider has an eco-friendly focus like you – otherwise, all the green business practices in the world won’t offset your negative impact.

2) Recycle water where you can

According to PwC’s ‘Preserving water through collaboration that works’ report, the water crisis is the top global concern for people and businesses. It ranks higher than even financial crisis, unemployment and weapons of mass destruction.

It’s particularly problematic in Australia, a country where some regions receive as little as 300 millimetres of rainfall a year. What’s more, using water that has been filtered through the public sanitation system relies on a lot of energy – and that’s a shame when it’s only used to flush the toilets.

Businesses can look into using commercial rainwater tanks or grey water schemes to cut back on their use of water from the grid, at least for more menial tasks.

Water wastage is wasting huge amounts of energy.Water wastage is wasting huge amounts of energy.

3) Keep equipment up to date

A business’s equipment can be a massive drain on energy if they’re outdated or not working efficiently. It could be energy-burning lighting, inefficient appliances or other equipment that’s not running right.

According to ANCA Motion, “energy-efficiency schemes accounted for 53 per cent of the reduction in energy demand since 2008,” and a big part of that is making sure all assets are operating as they should.

The important thing is to be stringent with your equipment upkeep. Commercial maintenance services will be a great hand here, with highly skilled and experienced professionals available to guide you in the right direction.

We’d love you to challenge Glad Group on how they can make your business more eco-friendly – we’re confident their new eco-smart cleaning technologies will not only help the environmental cause but provide first-class cleaning results.