TYCD 2020 Glad Group


As a cleaning service provider in Australia, this day is very important for all of us at Glad Group, it encourages people to stop and think about the true value cleaning services provide.

We know that cleaners work extremely hard and especially appreciate that they have gone beyond their duties during COVID-19 to ensure that working and living environments are clean and hygienic.

We could not be more proud of the cleaners in our organisation and for that reason alone – they deserved some extra special attention this Thank Your Cleaner Day 2020.

Summary of the Glad events

Check out what we planned below!

  • Onsite activities were organised at each site, in every state! We got fun and creative with ways to say “thanks”, our favourite was putting together this collage of our cleaning staff from every state we operate in, how great is this?!

  • Client Services Managers and State Managers got in on the action, with some reminders leading up to the special day, educating how to say thank you, and more importantly why it is so important!
  • Our reward and recognition program saw an influx of eCards being sent, that’s a record-breaking achievement for our new platform!
  • Some of our key staff shared a message in their own language in a “thank you” video. Glad Group is an organisation that wholeheartedly embraces diversity, we come from places far and wide, with voices in many languages and lifestyles from many different cultures – but that makes us creative, innovative, and better at what we do!

Thank you

THANK YOU to each and every one of our cleaners Australia-wide, no state border can – or will – separate you from the Glad Group family, we hope you feel appreciated and valued.

Until next year!