The health of your building might be at risk with mould and damp patches.


When it comes to the health of any building, damp spots and mould are one of the most important risks to keep under control. Dampness can be damaging to the physical health of people, as well as affecting the presentation standards of a commercial or retail building.

When you enlist the cleaning services of Glad Group, there’s a focus on getting rid of the damp parts of a building. It might be hidden in the roof or even in a bathroom around plumbing. Sometimes, damp can’t be seen. No matter where it is, though, it’s important to remove it before it becomes even more damaging to a building’s foundations and the health of any inhabitants.

What’s the deal with damp?

According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Damp and Mould Information Brochure, damp and mould in a building over a prolonged period of time can lead to respiratory infection and even asthma.

Dampness in a building over a prolonged period of time can lead to respiratory infection and asthma.

It will also have a negative impact on energy costs, because damp walls create a cold feeling, which means heating will need to be used more and more – your business will be paying for that.

The WHO guidelines for indoor air quality states that clean and healthy air is a basic human right, so when air quality is not controlled, it becomes “a considerable health burden”. When it comes to the health of the people working and living inside your building, it’s not just a cleaning issue, it’s an environmental service to other human beings. Making sure your cleaning services are actually making a difference to the health of the people in your buildings will ensure they’re happy, but also healthy.

Do your buildings suffer from patches of damp?

The WHO sets out simple guidelines for the removal of damp patches, but first of all, the source of the moisture must be stopped. After this, there are only two more steps:

  • Remove the mould, and
  • Control excessive moisture build-up from occurring again.
Is there a damp problem in your building?Is there a damp problem in your building?

Glad Group cleaning services will help to make sure these two protocols are maintained. Once moisture is removed from an area, it’s vital that it’s not forgotten about. Instead, it must be monitored to make sure the mould and damp doesn’t return to cause even more damage.

It’s something that your front-of-house won’t want to occupy themselves with. Glad Group is a family of professionals in the cleaning and maintenance sectors, and if there is a dampness-control problem in your building, then your best bet is to get in touch early.