Overseeing the operations of a facility is demanding task, especially during the festive season.

With over 30 years experiencing in facility management, Glad Group leverage their talented pool of staff and operational excellence to streamline processes – making facilities in any industry look clean, feel secure and are kept well maintained.

Keep reading below to find out more about our additional services this festive season, it is the perfect time to consider Glad Group as your facility service provider!

Security Servicesadditional services

With the 1.5 metre rule still in play, and the holiday season around the corner, how will your facility ensure compliance to government regulations?

Our security personnel have experience in managing crowds and monitoring for suspicious behaviour during events this time of year, all whilst ensuring your premise is as secured as possible.


additional services

Retail Cleaning Services

Retail facilities experience a higher-level of foot traffic during the holiday season. How should you protect your visitors and customers?Our additional services ensure high-touch points are consistently cleaned, and your centre is looking its best and most inviting.




additional services

Commercial Cleaning Services

In the new year, we foresee that commercial facilities will begin to transition their workforce back onto the premises.

Our additional services are able to assist with that transition to provide confidence to your employees and colleagues.

Whilst your office experiences some downtime this holiday season, our additional service teams are ready to provide workplaces that are free from germs and viruses.


additional services

Maintenance Services

Ensure your facility is operating at its best this holiday season with Glad Group’s Maintenance division.

As properties are experiencing downtime, our maintenance division continues to drive efficiencies that make your property as attractive as possible, as well as operating in the most functional way to ensure the safety of visitors.



Get additional services now

Our trusted and professional service members will ensure your facility is operating at its best. We give you back your time and peace of mind so that you can focus on celebrating, as you should this time of year.

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