What Is Health And Safety In The Workplace?

Health and safety is a diverse subject, but essentially, it is based on one core principle, preventing harm. And that means keeping employees safe, and healthy.

Health and safety can sometimes get bad press, with people focusing on regulations, red tape, court cases and fines. People can use it as a fear tactic, or as an excuse or a punishment. But the practice of health and safety isn’t really about any of that, it’s about protecting people.

Yes, there are health and safety regulations to comply with. Rules that must be obeyed. But even without regulations, health and safety is the right thing to do. We all owe each other “reasonable care”. Nobody wants to get hurt. Nobody wants to become ill. Causing harm to someone is wrong, on a human level, and something that should be avoided.

At work, the subject of health and safety affects every workplace in every industry. Some more than others. But no matter where you work, or who you work for, you need health and safety.

National Safe Work Month

National Safe Work Month

We are fortunate to be led by Nick Iloski, who truly believes in taking care of his employees. To show our and Nick’s commitment in putting the safety and health of our workers first, Glad Group are participating in celebrating National Safe Work Month this October!

We’ll be hosting activities to highlight how important health and safety is at Glad Group. Look out for some more interesting blogs here on our website, great health and safety tips, educational posters that focus on the real-life scenario’s our employees all work in + much more!

Your Health and Safety Matters!

We know our workers are the experts when it comes to the tasks they do and the tools and equipment they use. This makes them a vital source of safety knowledge, ideas and a valued partner for helping to make Glad Group safer.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook for more information about how Glad Group is participating in National Safe Work Month.

Thank you to all our employees for your continued involvement and commitment to safety and health at Glad Group!