Public places, do you pay attention to their germs? As this flu season can confirm and with Coronavirus on everyone’s mind, Glad Group have identified four things to look out for in public places as germs can spread like wildfire. Though we may try to ward off any nasty viruses by washing our hands or staying away from anyone contagious, there are a few sneaky places where bacteria can still infect us without even knowing it.

Here are the top 4 places germs like to lurk and how you can fight back:

  1. Car: rise shares, rentals and taxis

If you rely on cabs, rental cars or even popular ride-sharing services to get around, chances are you’re probably sharing those rides with microscopic critters. Did you know that seat belts and window buttons are the worst source of germs?

In your own car, the dashboard is a big germ repository because it doesn’t get enough direct airflow from vents to help disperse bacteria.

Tip: Sanitise your hands after riding in the car and avoid eating in vehicles, whether they are private or public. Eating can pass on germs from surfaces to our mouths.

  1. Door handles

Unfortunately, not everyone washes his or her hands as often as we would like. One study showed only about 5% of people actually wash their hands for the recommended 20 seconds or more. That means lots of people are walking out of the bathroom and touching the door and knobs with germy hands.

  1. Toilets

Don’t think you can escape the restroom without touching the door handle? Palm a spare paper towel after you wash up and use it to grasp the handle. Yes, other patrons may think you’re a germ-phobe – but you’ll never see them again, and you’re the one who won’t get sick.

  1. Food courts

Wherever food is present, you have a high risk of cross-contamination and the potential for foodborne viruses. That’s why the busy shopping centre food court is one place where we see a lot of varieties of bacteria.

Most bacteria are found on the flaps of garbage bins, so it’s advisable to avoid touching them with your hands. It’s also advisable to avoid putting your cutlery or food on the trays.

A simple guideline is to avoid touching your mouth or eyes during your trips and to practice good hand hygiene by regularly washing your hands before and after eating and after using the restroom. Carrying an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with you for times when you do not have access to water and especially upon leaving. Small things like these can help prevent you from picking up more than what you bargained for.

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