Not only does the standard of cleanliness impact productivity, it also contributes to the general satisfaction of employees.

Employees are better engaged when their office is maintained with a professional standard of hygiene. People often relate hygiene and cleanliness as one; however, cleanliness simply does not define hygiene.

In other words, a work area can be visibly clean and might still be prone to cross-contamination, simply due to lack of awareness of the housekeeping staff.

Cleaning should not just be considered as a chore or an expense but more like a feature which adds value to a brand’s stance. Good upkeep never goes out of fashion, in addition to the health and comfort benefits it leads to.

When people think of sanitation, the bathroom is likely the first place to come to your mind.

However, there are other areas that can breed germs just as easily. Doors and other surfaces in high traffic areas will see plenty of hands daily, meaning lots of germ build-up with plenty of exposure to employees. Desks, phone receivers, and computer keyboards also tend to be breeding grounds for microorganisms, even the pantry if not maintained time and again—in fact, they can actually be more vulnerable than toilets. Safeguarding all these areas is vital to a healthy workforce.

The science behind cleaning and hygiene is also an important thing to consider. A smartly designed cleaning process will amount to minimal disturbance or downtime to any designated function. It reduces likelihood of mistakes and skipped steps, which is important when it comes to maximising the efficacy of a maintenance routine.

In a well-managed facility, employees get the benefit of an office that conforms to their roles, and this enhances the productivity in many ways.

Glad Group’s professional cleaning services are well-known all over Australia, our cleaners are trained in all areas of commercial and industrial.

Our extensive experience, growth and national presence has enabled us to become one of Australia’s largest national providers of cleaning services. This means that we are ideally positioned to deliver seamless and professional service on both single assets and large multi-site portfolios.

If you think your cleaning services could be better, we’d love to show you how. We partner with our clients to put more time back into their calendar, reduce operating expenses and, ultimately, provide a level of care and service that shows.

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