Comprehensive cleaning should be scheduled for this autumn.


Autumn is a good time to enlist cleaning services in Australia, as the experts will know which areas to focus on now the summer months are over.

A clean environment always gives the right impression to potential clients, so no company can ever afford to let their standards slip. Autumn is the ideal time to take a closer look at how clean your premises are and take stock of which tasks need to be completed.

This is where cleaning services in Australia come in useful. Here at Glad Group, we recognise that the first impressions of your guests is critical, which is why we only ever provide a first-rate service.

Here are just some of the tasks that might need to be prioritised at your commercial premises now the summer months are over.

Window cleaning
Summer generally creates hot and dry conditions, which can mean only one thing – dust. While it can feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle during the first couple of months of the year, autumn brings the ideal time to address those dirty windows.
A professional window cleaner will have the right tools for the job and can ensure your property is looking as sparkling as it should. This is especially important if you’re in a large office block, which can be both troublesome and time-consuming to clean.

Air conditioning
Your air conditioning systems are likely to have been working overtime during the summer. Accumulations of dust and dirt can mean they don’t function as well as they should, which is why a thorough autumn clean and service might be in order.
It may be tempting to leave it until next summer, but this could prove unwise. The Bureau of Meteorology has forecasted that much of Australia is likely to experience warmer-than-average conditions for the period from April to June, so you may be reaching for the air conditioning remote sooner than you thought.

Disinfecting common areas and equipment should be part of your commercial cleaning service in Australia. It’s not something that only needs to be reserved for autumn, as it really needs to be a task you do on at least a weekly basis.

Researchers from once took a swab from a computer keyboard to find 7,500 bacteria – the average toilet seat has around 5,400.

Speaking to The Sun, Microbiologist John Norris said: “It’s no surprise – we eat at our desks, drop all sorts of things on our keyboards and rarely wash our hands before we start using the computer.”

For comprehensive cleaning services at your business, see what Glad Group has to offer today.