Did you know today is ‘Clean Off Your Desk’ Day? No more excuses to keep that pile of paper you’ll never look at again or preserve all the written post-it notes, it’s the perfect day to organise your desk! We promise it will only take a moment and the benefits are huge. Cleaning up and decluttering your desk will help you to be more efficient and more focused on your work. It will save you time, as you will not have to search for that piece of paper lost 3 weeks ago.

Where to even start?

As a cleaning company, a clean and organised space is literally our dream. Experts (like us!) strongly believe that clean desks increase productivity. It is vital to have a functional workspace for any worker to build a productive work life. With COVID-19 still present, many of us have been alternating working from home and working from the office, this balance required even more organisation than usual so it’s definitely time to get organised.

Clean off your desk

From this… to this!

Tips for a clean and organised space

We have 3 key tips for you to celebrate Clean Off Your Desk Day! Before you start, snap a pic of your desk – it will be great to do a before and after!

  1. Set aside some time to organise your desk

It’s the beginning of your day, you’re not sure where to even start your work, meetings will start soon and it’s going to get busier. No stress, prioritise your workflow, and pace yourself. Take 10 minutes to organise your workspace.

  1. Sort your clutter into categories

Start by sorting your paperwork: create different folders, name them accordingly and place them in a convenient spot where you can reach them easily. Any sensitive document (bills, appointments…) need to remain handy so you don’t miss anything. Keep what you need to read close, file what you need to keep, scan what you may need in the future, and shred what you can dispose of!

Move on to other messy elements: post-it notes, clips, pens, and other stationery items… Throw away what you don’t need and organise what you need in a nice compartment tray. If you have drawers, place that tray in your top drawer, easy to access but hidden, perfect!

  1. Clean and make the space yours!

Once everything is organised, give a good clean to your desk! Sanitising has never been as important as this year so it’s a great occasion to disinfect the whole space.

Once that’s done, it’s time for the fun part! Make it yours, decorate at your own taste, include pictures of your loved ones, place a plant if you have some direct light, and frame an inspiring quote to motivate yourself!


Once you’re all done, it’s time to snap another picture of your desk, send us the before and after pictures (email: [email protected]), we’re curious to see your magic! The biggest transformation might even make it to our social media accounts!

Should you need a cleaning provider to help keep your commercial office space clean, contact us to discuss your requirements!