Green cleaning is growing in popularity.


Consumers across the country have more environmental awareness than ever before, which makes it important for companies to offer eco-friendly products and services. This is certainly the case when it comes to offering cleaning services in Australia, as a growing number of environmental products have entered the market.

Environmentally-friendlyPeople are more aware of the importance of green issues than ever before. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that in 2007-08, 82 per cent of adults said they were worried about at least one environmental problem. Women were found to be more concerned than their male counterparts 83 per cent as opposed to 80 per cent.

In order to tap into this growing environmental conscience, companies need to make sure they’re employing the greenest strategies possible, and this includes offering eco-friendly cleaning services.

The advantages of green cleaning products

There are various reasons why businesses might choose to use green cleaning products. Many of them are non-toxic and free from chemicals, which means they have a reduced impact on the environment and the water supply in particular.

Research carried out by Griffith University suggests consumers should be looking for a number of features from their cleaning products. This includes the absence of phosphates, sulphates and petrochemicals (among others) as they can be harmful to human health.

Some cleaning products also contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which enter the air as gases and have the potential to cause health problems. Short-term exposure can lead to headaches and dizziness, while longer term contact with VOCs could affect the liver, kidneys and nervous system.

Environmentally-friendly cleaning products generally minimise the presence of these harmful chemicals. This can lead to a cleaner indoor environment that is ultimately more pleasant to live or work in.

Avoiding water contamination

Green cleaning products have major advantages.One of the biggest issues to arise from the use of standard cleaning products is contamination of the water supply. The proper disposal of water used for cleaning should be encouraged, while any hazardous products need to be stored correctly.

The Natural Resources Defence Council explained that it’s all too easy for hazardous products to be washed away. By using eco-friendly cleaning products from the outset, any potential impact on the environment can be minimised.

Here at Glad Group, we pride ourselves on our Go Green program. This makes sure we use the latest equipment to provide environmental solutions, while also preferring bio-degradable chemicals in the products we use.