At Glad Group, we understand that the delivery of exceptional customer experience is the output of human factors and people interactions. Irrespective of any role, all our people have some degree of accountability in delivery of customer experience.

From cleaning, security to concierge, maintenance and administration, all members of the Glad team interact with people as much as they do any process or procedure. We all play a part in service delivery – and directly for the standards of presentation and conduct our customers expect.

A testament to our commitment to customer service excellence is reaching the finals of the inaugural Australian Service Excellence Awards (ASEAs) in the category of Customer Service Professional of the Year. Our Security Officer, Gilbert Johnson, is in the running to take home the highest national award recognising best practice and innovation in customer service. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because earlier this year Gilbert won the “People First Ambassador Award” for excellence in customer service across all GPT Group assets, after being nominated by the tenants in the building.

So we asked Gilbert what’s his secret to great customer service; in his humble manner he responded”

“It’s something that I do naturally because I just like helping people. If I see a person that looks lost I will offer my help. If there’s rubbish on the floor I will pick it up, if I’m called to assist with an unhappy visitor I will listen to their story and find the best solution so everyone can go about their day happy. I also have been working with a wonderful team. I’ve been in my role for over 10 years and the training I’ve received and the support of my managers and colleagues have been very valuable. Finally, the most important lesson that I’ve learned over all these years is that the small things we do outside of our ordinary duties are the ones that leave the biggest impression on our customers.”

The winner will be announced on 25 October at the ASEA Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony and we wish Gilbert the best of luck.