Our Values and Purpose

We are an organisation driven by trust, respect, integrity and innovation. Together as one team, one community we bring our values to life through our actions at work. Our actions are important – they ensure we deliver on our service promises and achieve the expectations of our customers.


Our actions are honest and sincere. We build positive relationships within our workplace community. We do what we say and deliver on our promises.


Built upon trust, respect brings us together. We collaborate, share ideas and foster a welcoming workplace community. We respect one another as we seek to be respected ourselves.


Built on trust and respect, integrity defines who we are by following through on what we say, do, and promise.


Built on trust, respect and integrity, innovation challenges us to push boundaries. We use our imagination to explore new ideas as we seek to go above and beyond every day experiences.

To be Australia’s globally inspired leading provider of Integrated Property Services.


To engage and empower our people at all levels of the organisation to deliver sustainable service that will exceed all our stakeholders’ expectation.